Pokemon Go: The addiction is real

It’s a gorgeous day outside, and you’re riding your bike through the neighborhood. You see an abnormally large number of people out, and you think to yourself, “How nice! Americans are getting outside finally and staying active, enjoying the weather.” However, it’s then that you notice that nearly every single person has their face buried in their phone, nervously pacing around. You also realize they’re all standing in the same general areas, clumped in similar spots. Finally, the eerie realization dawns on you: they’re simply playing the notorious Pokémon Go.

Image result for pokemon goPersonally, I never succumbed to downloading the game, and participating in the craze that surrounds collecting virtual figures that exist in real areas of the world for points. However, I have friends, and I have siblings, and I know the addiction is real. But what is the science behind this addiction? Why, all of a sudden, are video game connoisseurs and everyday kids alike leaving their houses simply to have a higher number of Pokeballs than their friend to brag about?

Image result for pokemonAccording to an article by US News, the game’s popularity stems from it’s addicting, user-friendly interface, new locations value, and more than that, it’s competitive nature. Who wouldn’t want to compare with friends their collections, and continuously compete in a game that’s neverendingly fun? Personally, I wouldn’t, nor will I ever be a fan of this type of game. However, for many, it’s an addiction.

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4 thoughts on “Pokemon Go: The addiction is real

  1. Marielle Concetta Ravally

    I have seen the Pokemon Go craze effect a lot of people around me. My best friends, my cousins, and even my boss gave into the craze this summer. My best friends and I all work for the same small, local business so often my boss would break for the day and they would all go around the neighborhood looking for Pokemon. My hometown is also very touristy (I grew up in a small beach town on the Jersey Shore), and our boardwalk was a major hotspot for Pokemon Go. Hundreds of people were drawn there this summer purely by the game.

    Though I never personally got into the game, I did find the craze interesting, so I enjoyed reading your article. Here’s an additional article that delves deeper into why Pokemon Go is so addictive..


  2. Connor Edward Opalisky

    This post intrigued me because I have wondered why some people are obsessed with this game and others can’t stand it. I personally downloaded it and deleted it after one day. However a few of my friends who never showed interest in Pokemon fell in love with it. It is definitely and addiction but I don’t think it is a bad one to have. Heres more about how video game addiction develops http://www.video-game-addiction.org

  3. Jaier Vicente Avecillas

    Apparently now after the game has been out for a bit of time it already past its “main stream” or popularity. but who knows maybe when theres an update it’ll become more popular again.

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