The Power of Music

I hate being in a sad mood, but just like everyone else, I get sad sometimes. But the best way I get out of a sad mood is to listen to music. Although music can get me out a sad mood, a song could also break me down and put me deep in my feelings. When I’m happy, I love uplifting music that reflects my mood. When I’m with friends, music is our number one go to. There is nothing better than driving at night with friends blasting music, with the windows down, singing along for the whole world to hear our amazing voices. Not even to mention how I can’t even workout without my workout playlist on Spotify. But what is it about music that has such a big impact on so many people’s lives?

Music and the creation of musical instruments has been around since ancient times. Music was used to attract the opposite sex. This created a strong association to music and deep feelings in our genes. In infants, music is one of the first things to develop, coming way before walking and talking.


Music lets people express themselves and their emotions. Music is understood all around the world. There are very few cultural universals, like dance, art, family, etc. Lack of music in someone’s life can cause despair and also lead to depression with other contributing factors. Listening to music releases dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that makes people happy. When we listen to music, almost the whole brain gets used, this makes music a good tool for studying or other needs for productiveness. Since music can also be used to distract, it is used to lessen pain. Music also reduces stress, and can help protect us from disease. Researchers believe that music calms people, bringing down our blood pressure, lessening stress. Also, scientists recommend that when working out, listen to music to raise endurance, and make people go harder.

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Music is used heavily in our day to day lives. Music plays in our heads throughout the day, music plays in restaurants, plays in commercials and television shows. Movie producers also use music to enhance their movie. The brain is constantly being reminded of music, making music apart of the general lifestyle. It is almost impossible to avoid music, but why with all the benefits of music, why would anyone want to avoid it? One reason someone would want to avoid music is if they have amusia, a rare musical condition where the person is unable to recognize musical notes. This can be caused by a brain injury or can be inherited. Luckily only 4% of humans have this condition.

Music is very powerful and influence in many people’s lives everyday. I am constantly listening to music, whether it’s walking to class, winding down, hanging out with friends, working out, or working on this blog. I love music and how it can be key to some many other things in life.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Music

  1. Sarah Tarczewski

    When I read this post, I immediately thought of something that I recently discovered, which is the perfect study music. Normally while studying or doing any kind of work, I’ll just throw a playlist of my favorite songs on and jam out. However, I always end up getting distracted. I recently read an article I’ll link below that lead me to using a lot of instrumental music, specifically movie soundtracks, in my studying. Because these different soundtracks are meant to be in the background of scenes and therefore not distracting to a viewer, I’ve found it really helps me to focus!

    1. Amira A. Oloufa Post author

      Thanks for that article! Yeah I also read that listening to classic music help immensely with learning development. So maybe next time I am studying I will choose a playlist of classical music.

  2. Naseem Memari

    Hey Amira!
    I completely relate to this post because I love music and listen to any kind depending on my mood. I also like putting more mellow music when I do work so there’s something playing but it won’t distract me too. What you stated in your blog about how music is found to be calming is very understandable because I feel calmed down when listening to music in a stressful setting.

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