Im sure you have heard before the rumor that video games are poison to people brains. People have blamed video games for committing crimes. This just isn’t correct, playing video games can so many benefits to your life. For an example lets look at children playing games on there parents’ smartphone. You might take one look at the child and judge the parent for using the phone to keep the child quiet, but the child could be gaining many useful skills. By playing games that cause the brain to think the child can be learning without even knowing it. This will help the child down the road when he or she is faced with a problem that causes the child to think on there feet. Video games are also good at a young age for the child as it gets them experienced to technology early. This is a huge first step in today’s world where just about everything is technology based.

Let’s silence another stereotype about video games, the stereotype is that playing them cause you to be lazy. There are so many options for staying active and playing at the same time. Companies like Nike have made workout games that require you to do actual workouts and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. This saves a person from having to pay for a gym membership and the inconvenience of driving there. There is other options of gaming and getting off the couch. One huge example is the new phenomenon of Pokemon Go. This game requires you to go out and go to different locations in order to find Pokemon. This app was number one on the app store, so you can tell it is very popular and everyone playing it is getting off the couch and walking around

Finally let’s talk about violent video games. People play these games because they are fun not because they are violent. Video games are made to be enjoyed and they are. The fact that people believe these games cause people to commit crimes or go mad is absolutely insane. There are so many other bad things that the person can be doing besides video games. I’d personally say killing some zombies is a lot better then experimenting with drugs.

The bottom line is don’t think about it. Just enjoy the game and the benefits that come with it!



4 thoughts on “Video Games Aren’t That Bad

  1. Alex Felton

    Great points and I totally agree with you 100%. The fact that people blame games for crimes is absolutely absurd. My youngest brother has been playing video games early on mostly because he has two older brother to expose him to it. He is honestly the smartest out of all of us and I think its due to him playing games at such an early age.

  2. jcr5533

    I always thought video games come with pros and cons. The pros would be increased reflexes, and problem solving skills. The cons would be harmful for your eyes, and could develop violent behavior. But the idea of giving the player a sense of accomplishment is something I haven’t thought of before. It brings up an interesting point and makes me think of what games gives you a sense of accomplishment.

  3. nam5542

    One big question, that i can think of is it worth playing video games when you you can just go outside and perform some kind of physical activity. Yes it can be seen that playing certain types of video games can improve brain function, but is it really worth losing social skills needed later on and improving brain functions that you may never use outside of playing video games?

  4. jgs5277

    Although I would like to believe this, the source you provided is questionable. The information being presented in that article lacks solid data and evidence. It states facts without referencing any research like a tabloid article or a Buzzed article. I have seen data presented from both sides, but I have included a link that states the contrary (with actual data) just to prove my point. I like the idea of your post, but the execution could use a little fine-tuning.

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