What are Near-Death Experiences?

I had a hard time coming up with my third topic for my third blog. Everyone’s topics were so intriguing and I found myself sitting, waiting for something to come to me. As I sat in the chair of my desk, I pondered to myself and finally remembered a topic I have always been eager to know more about– that topic being near-death experiences. Personally, I have always been a religious person. And although I do not strictly follow anything the bible or the church states, I do consider myself to be Christian. I have never doubted the magic and reality of science and I never rule out science when hearing about any specific situation. I did, however, become amazed with the idea and reality of a near-death experience after viewing a video on a Hindu man who claimed he “met Jesus” after he apparently died and then came back to life.

I could not wrap my mind around the fact that this man was not even Christian– he was Hindu and he was confirming the fact that he had, in fact, died, met Jesus, and then come back to life again. Although I mentioned the fact that I have always considered myself to be a religious person, I have never really fully believed until I watched these videos on near-death experiences. Of course, still, there is no actual proof on the fact. But, a video of a Hindu man claiming to meet Jesus truly fascinated me, and I could not help but believe the man. According to The Atlantic, most of the near-death experiences that have been reported have been astonishingly similar. Most people have reported the feeling of “floating up” and meeting things such as spirits or angels. The article mentions the fact that as many times as science has tried to explain the near-death experiences, there is no one, true, verified explanation. Science has attempted to describe near-death experiences as an oxygen shortage, imperfect anesthesia, and the body’s neurochemical responses to trauma. The article mentions, however, that “Near- Death Experiencers” (otherwise known as NDEs) automatically put down the explanations that science has attempted to give to the phenomenal, indescribable experiences.

This short video: click here gives a perfect example of one woman’s near-death experience. She was unconscious after apparently drowning (for twelve minutes) and her husband mentioned the fact that she did not have a heartbeat. She described her experience and mentioned the fact that she could “feel her spirit peeling away from her body.”

After reading up on near-death experiences and watching numerous videos on the topic, I still find myself to have the same outlook on the phenomenon. I almost find myself feeling stronger and more confident on the fact that they are real because I could not find much scientific evidence. Although I do not completely rule out the fact that science could possibly be the magic behind these experiences, I do find myself to be biased, and believe the thousands of people who have reported their experiences with confidence. Here is another video (this one is much longer) that tells the story of two people who encountered what the world as come to know as “near-death experiences.”


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6 thoughts on “What are Near-Death Experiences?

  1. Samuel Deluca

    Near death experiences have always fascinated me. The idea of someone’s life flashing before their eyes is hard to believe, but this article definitely provides context behind what really happens.

  2. Jeffrey R Nelson

    Great post here, I’m like you I don’t consider myself religious but I do acknowledge the possibility that human spirituality is connected through another physical dimension that we can’t perceive as three-dimensional beings. If you want to find out more about cool stuff you should check out Out-of-body experiences (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sd3C9dkjjQ ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out-of-body_experience), and astral projections (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astral_projection).

  3. Erin Nicole Kemp

    This is really interesting. One show I saw, maybe Grey’s Anatomy or maybe it was just a video on Twitter, but one man who was a Christian briefly died and was able to be recessitated did not go to heaven and it made him question his whole faith. He didn’t want to live as a Christian anymore because his death did not confirm his original beliefs.

  4. zvk5072

    Now this is a really interesting blog. Its an amazing topic on whether humans can see heaven or another dimension and then come back to their own real world. I’ve had a couple friends who have had experiences like these, but I personally haven’t. HowStuffWorks has some interesting commentary on near-death experiences: http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/extrasensory-perceptions/near-death-experience.htm. Nicely done on the blog.

  5. Charlotte Anderson

    I’ve also been interested by this topic. I always wondered if it was true that people would “see the light”, my friend even told me her sister saw someone who told her it wasn’t her time. I think it is something I will always be skeptical about no matter the context. However your blog post did offer very interesting examples and strong evidence. Really enjoyed reading it!

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