What’re you putting in my Ramen?

I’ve already seen a few blog posts about Ramen Noodles, but I feel the need to express my own thoughts and the problem I see. My last blog post discussed the sugar problem we have in the United States and how basically everything we consume has way too much added sugar than needed, which is bad because it leads to serious health problems.

Now, my main focus is salt. This site explains why his levels of salt can actually be good for you because of correlations between high-salt diets and some healthy outcomes of it. However, it is important to be aware that the type of salt matters (unrefined is the healthiest).

Anything that you consume that is processed in any way should scream “unhealthily” to you! The sugar and especially salt levels are high in order to preserve the food, and that is completely the case with ramen noodles. As I mentioned earlier, everything in moderation is okay, but you have to be sure you’re eating the RIGHT type of salt. Justifying a pack of Ramen noodles a day just because that is getting sodium into you diet is not the right way to approach the situation.

One of the most harmful ingredients in Ramen noodles is actually found in many common foods such as Reese peanut butter cups and Wheat thins. This article explains what TBHQ does to your digestion and what it looks like. It is actually a preservative, and as I mentioned before, so is salt. This just goes to show how the wrong type of salt can be extremely harmful you internally. Studies have even shown that there are correlations between this nasty ingredient, TBHQ, and cancerous tumors.

In conclusion, RAMEN NOODLES ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO! And honestly, if you think about all of this information as you eat them… they don’t even seem that appealing anymore. There are many other ways to make cheap, yet healthy food in your dorm room! Do your research and make your health a priority.


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Everything in moderation, people!


2 thoughts on “What’re you putting in my Ramen?

  1. Emma Gaetana Lepore

    I grew up as a moderation Ramen eater. My mom wasn’t the biggest fan of it, so I didn’t eat it often, but when I did, I loved it. I had never really questioned the health factors of Ramen until this school year actually. My roommate is really into nutrition and fitness, so when I showed up on move-in day with a pack of Ramen, she put in her say. She informed me that the recommended daily serving of sodium is 3,400 milligrams. One pack of Ramen noodles has as much as 1820 milligrams of sodium. That’s over 50% of one’s recommended daily intake of sodium. So, it seems that not only is the type of salt bad, but the amount of it as well.


  2. Kameron Villavicencio

    I’ve never personally been a ramen person, mostly because I’m vegetarian and all the flavors are meat or shrimp. I don’t feel as though I’m missing out. I don’t think eating ramen every now and then is going to kill you. Like you said, everything in moderation. MODERATION IS KEY. But definitely don’t eat ramen everyday. Then again, there is probably some person out there who does and he or she could be the healthiest person out there.


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