Has your horoscope been lying to you??

Recently in the news, there had been claims made that the zodiac signs were being changed. Naturally when hearing this, I freaked out. Was I no longer an Aries?? Had my zodiac readings been lies for the past 18 years?? How is it that they had always been so strangely accurate???? I began to question everything I knew about myself. Okay maybe I was being a little dramatic—like usual—but I was just so baffled at the fact that this idea I had always thought to be true was suddenly not true at all.


It turns out that there are actually 13 zodiac signs, as oppose to the 12 that we are all used to. The new sign was now Ophiucus. This lands between November 29 and December 17th, ultimately moving around all of the other signs. To my surprise, I was now finding out that I am a Pisces. According to the article, “YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SIGN HAS SHIFTED: NASA UPDATED THE ZODIAC SIGNS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2,000 YEARS”, only about 14% of people have had the right zodiac sign all along. This obviously shows the reasoning behind the giant wave of confusion over this issue, being that it is now affecting such an immense amount of people…but should we really be worried?

After looking more into this topic, I discovered a more recent article clearing up this entire debacle. The article, “NASA Clears Up Zodiac Sign Controversy, Space Agency Denies Changing Star Signs”, includes how NASA points out the difference between Astrology and Astronomy, essentially putting an end to this entire dilemma. The 13 constellations have always been known, however they do not fit into our 12-month period properly. All in all, no one’s signs are actually going to change. Everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief and go back to carrying on with their normal lives—again I might be the only person that really took the time to freak out over this but that’s beside the point. So for now I can re-download my horoscope app that I had deleted in a moment of panic, and continue to read my readings in peace.



Sources: <http://thespiritscience.net/2016/09/02/your-astrological-sign-has-shifted-nasa-updated-the-zodiac-signs-for-the-first-time-in-2000-years/>


Pictures:  http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/993/875/084.png



4 thoughts on “Has your horoscope been lying to you??

  1. Caroline Sorrentino

    This a great and very science related topic, great job! I was very worried that I would not be a Pisces anymore and it really freaked me out! I was like “how can they just change that?!” I never actually found out what happened with the whole rumor, so thank you for clearing it up for me. While I do enjoy occasionally reading my horoscope to see what is destined for me in the upcoming day, month or year; This article cautions against believing it too much and relying on it. Just something to keep in mind.
    -Caroline Sorrentino

  2. Heather Grace McDermott

    Hi Jen! All I have to say is that it is nice to know that there is someone out there that is just as dramatic as I am. When this happened I also had a freak out moment because I truly believe I am a Sagittarius. I got onto google immediately and fortunately my birthday (December 17th) was the exact cutoff to still being a Sagittarius. I was ecstatic because this only made me believe more in my daily horoscope. Since this is a very interesting topic for me I loved reading your post, but I think that it needs a little more science and a little less summarizing an article you found. It would be really neat if you got into whether or not a horoscope is actually true. Here is an interesting article that discusses if astrology is scientific or not. http://undsci.berkeley.edu/article/astrology_checklist

  3. Summer A Carson

    My friends brought up to me the other day that my zodiac sign has changed, and to be honest I thought she was joking. When I looked more into what my friend was talking about, it was no joke at all! It blew up in the media that our zodiac signs have “shifted”. Even the Today Show, which is very well known morning talk show, chatted about this topic http://www.today.com/popculture/your-life-lie-zodiac-has-changed-here-s-your-new-t103295. I don’t know how zodiac signs actually work, but I was sure that they were not supposed to changing so drastically. If the signs had actually changed I would have went form Aquarius to a Capricorn becuase my birthday is on February 1st. After reading your blog I gained even more clarity on the situation, and I am also relieved that I am still an Aquarius! It was very helpful that you included the article “NASA Clears Up Zodiac Sign Controversy, Space Agency Denies Changing Star Signs” becuase they explained the situation very well.

  4. jgb5274

    I was never super interested in zodiac signs but I did find them cool to read about once in a while. It’s crazy that their is a sign for everyone that “matches them”. Although I do believe that mine represents me, I also think there are other signs that could relate to me too. I think the zodiac descriptions are general enough to make it seem specific to you but could fit everyone else as well.

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