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When I was a little child, one of the worst vegetables in my mind was spinach because of the weird feeling on my teeth after I ate it. To figure out the reason cause the strange feeling on my teeth, I did some researches. Although there might be some confounding variables, one of the most important reasons is the presence of oxalic acid. Through the research, oxalic acid is a chemical which protects spinach from insects’ invading. And after it reacts with calcium, it would become a solid which cannot be dissolved in the water. This type of acid stays on people’s tongues or teeth causing the bitter feeling. However, to improve our living situation, scientists insist on discovering new types of spinach which will get rid of this weird feeling these years.


Nowadays, there are several types of spinach. One of the most common one is flat-leaf spinach which can be used in salad. Even though I do not like to eat spinach, my parents sometimes would force me to have some due to its’ benefits. First of all, it has lots of advantages for college students who need to use the laptop for studying. Staying in front of a computer for a long time is definitely bad for eyes which may lead to nearsightedness. Several vitamins like vitamin A which also existing in carrots is really good at providing enough nutrition for eyes. Vitamins also protect skin and hair from thirsty situation. And the protein with minimal calories preventing people from disease which helps people to build a strong body. Moreover, spinach is not just for younger people, but also for elder people. The iron in spinach increases the blood cell in the human body which prevents them from heart diseases. And the minerals inside also improve the function of digestion which assists people to discharge trash from body.


When there are many advantages to eat spinach, there are also a few disadvantages. For example, pesticides which prevent vegetables from insects causing the oxalic acid remaining on spinach leave. And it would be bad for our human body. However, there are several ways to avoid this situation. First, cooker can boil the spinach in water for ten seconds before cooking. Second, people can buy organic spinach which would include less oxalic acid.


Even though I did not like to eat spinach when I was a little, I start to eat it these years because it is good for my health. And also I get a good recipe to cook it which is to mix the spinach with meat sauce after boiling it. It is really delicious. And if you want to learn more about spinach, you can check more information below:Scientists Eye Benefits Spinach



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2 thoughts on “Vegetable…Not Spinach

  1. Natalie Elizabeth Burns

    I found this blog interesting because as I come to think of it, I usually get a weird after taste after eating raw spinach. What I find weird is that I really only notice this aftertaste after eating raw not cooke spinach. I wonder if there is any reason for this or maybe it’s just a personal experience. I found this site though that goes more into depth about what you talked about. It also talks about other foods with this issue! Good post!

  2. Alexis Paige

    That was an interesting read. I’ve never noticed the weird feeling when I eat spinach! I disagree with what you said about oxalic acid. I’ve read that it really isn’t all that bad for you. It actually naturally occurs in the food we eat. Our body actually needs it! In this article I read, it even says it can help prevent cancer. So I do not think eating it in moderation would be bad for you. This article lists the pros and cons of oxalic acid but it seems to have more pros than cons.

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