It’s a Horrid Habit.

One of the most widely discussed issues in America is obesity. I want to explore how it begins. I know there are potential leads such as oral fixations, a predisposed genetic history, and beginning the poor habit by yourself. However, I want to dive deeper into how each of these reasons may lead to obesity. If Americans knew more about what was causing them to become obese, they put more effort into stopping the trend.

Oral Fixations:  Have you ever noticed yourself constantly biting your nails or chewing gum? Then you might have an oral fixation. An oral fixation can be described as constantly needing something to chew on or eat. Most young develop this due to breast feeding, using passifiers, and teething toys. However, these fixations may sometimes go away after 8 months, Flow Psychology says. So naturally, people who feel the need to always have something to chew on sometimes turn to something edible rather than the end of a pencil. Food. According to the book, Exploring Psychology, people eat food to satisfy feelings of guilt and anxiety, which at the time feels amazing and comforting. However, over time this is what leads to the uncontrollable cycle that is obesity. 

Genetic History: In some cases, people can be born with a “poor-deck of cards” dealt to them, but it doesn’t necessarily predict their definite future. If a person has family members who have genetic conditions which make them obese, it just makes them more susceptible to be obese themselves. I’ll reiterate…just because somebody is genetically predisposed to “be obese” does not be they necessarily will be. There is a lot of action people can take if they are at risk for becoming obese. Some examples are an extensive exercise plan and a specific diet.

Poor Habits:  If you bring on obesity to yourself, it’s probably because of the following reasons. 1). an inactive lifestyle. According to NIH if more Americans spent time walking, spending time outdoors, and participating in exercise, than there would be less obesity in the country. Since people are becoming lazier and spending time indoors with technology, there is less motivation to go outside. 2). Smoking (another horrid habit) often increases obesity when it is quit. And although anybody who smokes should quit, they probably shouldn’t have started in the first place. Harvard says when people quit smoking, food often looks more appealing, causing them to want to eat more of it **(this goes back to the oral fixations part of the blog. Since people who quit smoking do not have cigarettes to keep in their mouths, they turn to food, which causes obesity)**

So, there are many causes for obesity in America, not all of which are the obese person’s fault in the slightest. However, it is the responsibility of the obese person to take action in order to maintain a healthy life.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Horrid Habit.

  1. Anna Strahle

    I remember a few years ago watching the show “My 600 Pound Life” on TLC and thinking to myself how someone could ever let them self get so large. One episode really stuck with me because it was not a genetic situation, but the girl had become addicted to sugar and was eating a box of donuts per day. I looked into the topic some more and it turns out that sugar targets the same parts of the brain as illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Also, just like these drugs, people have to endure a detox to stop the endless cravings. One way to kill the addiction is to eat fruit instead of a sugary dessert. The reason why the sugar in fruit doesn’t have the same impact on your body is because it contains it contains healthy nutrients such as fiber and water. With the higher level of fiber, your blood sugar level will remain more even, lessening the amount that your insulin levels will raise. Sugar in candy and donuts has the tendency to raise your insulin levels, which would cause fat to be stored in your cells rather than be used to exert energy.

  2. Dana Corinne Pirrotta

    I think your title is very interesting, and I had never thought of the notion that “oral fixation” could lead to obesity. It makes sense- it is just something that I had never thought of. I wonder how much of the obese population has oral fixation, and how much of the not obese population has oral fixation. That would really be an interesting study…
    I didn’t know that smoking could cause obesity, so I did some research myself. I had saw a funny Amy Schumer skit where Amy is trying to pick out a diet, and a really skinny girls walks by. Amy asks what diet she is on, and the girl laughs and responds saying, “Oh, I just smoke!” When I googled if smoking leads to weight gain, I found a lot of sources that concluded the exact opposite. On average, men that quit smoking gain 6 pounds and women that quit smoking gain back 8 pounds. Apparently, Nicotine suppresses hunger.
    Here is the link where I got that information. This article even hypothesized that the great decline in smoking in America could be correlated to the huge increase in obesity.

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