Affects of Adderall On The Human Body

For those of you that do not know, Adderall is a popular drug among college and high school students that allows them to focus for a long duration of time. The drug requires a prescription from a doctor and is not an over the counter medicine. A bulk of its users are teenagers with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The drug is not easy to get because one would have to be prescribed in order to buy. With that being said, the drug is so popular that it makes its way around high school and college campuses, and is being taken by people who are not even diagnosed with ADD or ADHD which raises concerns on its health benefits. In this blog I will discuss how the drug affects the human body.

First off, Adderall serves as a central nervous system stimulant which helps one study, control behavior, and pay attention which is why the drug is so widely used by students. An article posted by summarizes how the drug stimulates the nervous system which can cause dilation of the pupils (In your eye), increased heart rate and blood pressure, and lastly increased sweating. Now what does all of this mean?

Due to how the drug stimulates the nervous system, Adderall can cause a wide range of affects, some more serious than others. reported  that Adderall affects can lead to; nervousness, restlessness, headaches, vomiting, loss of appetite and loss of weight. The more serious affects include; shortness of breath, slowed speech, faintness, seizures, hallucination, aggression, rash and hives.

Snorting Adderall also negatively impacts your respiratory system. This can lead to the ruination of your nasal and lung tissues, can cause your heart to have an irregular heartbeat, causes problems with circulation, and can lead to increased aggression and toxic shock. Snorting Adderall has been proven to be less affective and can cause long term damage to your brain. Next time you think about taking Adderall be cautious for you know now the damage it can do to your body.

30mg tablets of Shire Plc's Adderall XR are arranged in a Cambridge, Massachusetts pharmacy on Tuesday, August 15, 2006. Shire Plc shares rose after the company settled a patent lawsuit with Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc., protecting Shire's best-selling Adderall XR hyperactivity drug from cheaper rival copies until 2009.  Photographer: JB Reed/Bloomberg News. ORG XMIT: BUDGET 8/15/06






4 thoughts on “Affects of Adderall On The Human Body

  1. Taylor Weinstein

    Reading this post I have learned much more about the affects that Adderall has on the human body and I agree with what you stated more and more college students are getting there hands on drugs but especially this one. I heard people take this dug to help keep them awake or to help them study or even at parties with alcohol. This is dangerous and it’s concerning because people that I have talked to on campus tell me that its so easy to get even when you don’t have ADD or ADHD. I found an article talking about how many people take adderall and for what reasons and most of them were because it helps me focus and keeps me awake. This is concerning since it’s so easy to get and helps people focus but then they also start to use it when they shouldn’t while mixing it with conceptions that are dangerous to our health. For me reading this article I think it has a negative impact on college students. what do you think? Also I would have liked to see and read about information that we talked about it class like correlation and revers causality. Could this be do to chance and I would have liked to see more of a study talked about.
    ( this talks about stats and information on college aged students who use adderall for different reasons and the effects. worth the read.)

  2. Ajay Shethna

    I really enjoy the premise of the blog post, I feel like you bring up a great point with the consumption of Adderall for uses other than ADD, it is a real problem especially on campuses, but a suggestion I think to make this blog better would be to list some alternative solutions, I feel like that would help you drive point the home by giving alternative solutions that can steer people away from Adderall and towards safer ways to study. But that being said I really enjoyed your post it was very informative.

  3. Katrina Burka

    Adderall almost seems like coffee on campus. Students demand they need it and can’t function without it. Growing up I’ve noticed more and more kids being diagnosed with ADHD or other attention disorders. The age old question of this problem is if it is a lack of strict parenting or if it is actually a genetic issue. With some members of my family having ADHD, I saw it affect there personal and educational life. Not being able to focus is extremely problematic in schooling and can leave kids failing behind. Therefore, in certain prescribed situations, Adderall is needed. But, when I see college students abusing the drug and getting faulty prescriptions, problems arise. This increases the statistics of people who actually need adderrall, messing up surveys and or perceptions about the upcoming generation. Also, if college students use adderall who actually do not need it, they are putting more stress on their body. Overall, I want to know more about the social and physical harms that adderall may cause users in the future. Here is a video about ADHD and how its not a disorder:

  4. Sean Parsons

    I think you bring up awareness and a good point in this post. More and more high school and college students are experimenting with drugs like adderall. I have heard of it being taken by kids who don’t need it and I am told that it is hard to know when you are hungry and when you need to go to the bathroom because of how stimulated it keeps your mind. I have also heard of it being taken at parties with alcohol of course and those two are not a good mix. Good post!

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