Growing up I was always told to “eat my fruits and vegetables”, I never thought anything of it and just did as I was told. As I got older and began to care about my health and eating correctly I wondered if there were any negative aspects of eating too much fruit or vegetables. They are definitely not bad for you, but could a larger serving end up being worst than unhealthy foods?

After researching this topic online I found a few different responses and how it affects the bodies health. One research study found in this article  says that fruit does have lots of sugar but it is not bad sugars. It will not necessarily make you gain weight and it is very good in multiple ways for the body. The nutrition in fruit can be beneficial to blood pressure, insulin, and lipid levels. Besides the higher sugar levels, fruit has many anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Here is a website I found that contains all the fruits, which are most beneficial, what vitamins we can get out of them, and how is the best way to eat them to get the most nutrition out of it.  Eating dry fruit daily is good for the body to get the vitamins it needs, it contains iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, and manganese. Combining dry fruits with regular fruit is also another way to get vitamins and absorb the iron inside the stomach.

Vegetables are by far one of the best foods for a persons health. They are extremely low in calories, but packed with vitamins. Along with fruits, vegetables also have many antioxidants, which are immunity building chemical compounds that fight off stress and diseases. They provide fibers that open up passages in the body helping it avoid problems with clogging such as blood clots. There isn’t really such thing as too many vegetables a day because there are so many nutritional gains from eating them.

It is important to eat fruits and vegetables everyday for the nutritional value of course, but without them it can lead to deficiencies in our bodies, diseases, digestive issues, cardiovascular problems, and weight issues. Avoiding fruits and vegetables can cause us to lack energy, struggle with skin health, and blood clotting problems because the vitamins provided assist with all of this. They are filling foods that are better than anything else to eat and are perfect for a weight loss diet. Eating fruits and vegetables are crucial for the bodies digestive system as they have fiber in them, which is a carbohydrate speeding up the waste in your intestinal system as it passes through your body. Without fiber in our daily diet it can cause blockages inside our bodies slowing down the digestive system after we eat. If you struggle with heart problems it could be due to overeating certain ingredients and under eating important health ingredients. By indulging in fruits and vegetables, it can balance out what you are missing and what you need in your daily diet.

Overall, eating fruits and vegetables as we have all been told to do so since we were little is extremely important for so many health reasons and to keep our bodies on track.






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