Can Eating Breakfast Benefit You?

Waking up every morning promptly at 6:30 a.m to go to school, I never had the motivation to do anything. I never wanted to wear a nice outfit, put my makeup on, but the one thing I hated the most was eating breakfast. Even at a young age, eating breakfast too early in the morning would make me extremely nauseous. I’d often complain to my teachers and ask to go to the nurse, which then aggravated my parents when they constantly would get the call. However, my mother would not give up. She was convinced breakfast was the most important meal of the day and would make me at least snack on a small granola bar before enduring a seven hour school day. After hundreds of fights and middle school finally beginning, my mother lost her battle and I never ate breakfast before school again. Was my decision a good idea though? Earlier in the week during my Penn State Freshman business seminar class, we were visited by someone who could help people cope with stress. She soon began to explain that eating can help with stress and that studies show students who eat breakfast tend to be better students. Could this be true? I had figured I had been doing fine in school, but could I have been doing better? Are people who eat breakfast better students?121218_kids_pickyeaters_border-jpg-crop-original-original


Here are the possibilities I concluded which could help prove the mechanism between the relationship of breakfast and good students. Either the Null Hypothesis being that eating breakfast does not influence positive school behavior or the Alternative Hypothesis being that breakfast does influence positive school behavior. I was determined to discover the answer in order to change my morning habits.

According to Livestrong, students who eat breakfast in the morning have a better concentration and are able to understand topics more clearly because of their alertness. According to an article written in The Guardian, a study performed by Cardiff University evaluated a total of 5000 students from ages 9 to 11. The University was determined to discover any link between breakfast and the students academic performance. According to the The Telegraph, the children were observed from about 6 to 18 months and were asked to report what they had for breakfast every morning. When the study was finished, the results proved that students that were doing better in school. The study linked between earlier test scores to newer test scores and discovered it was much higher than before. By eating breakfast, some students were able to reach twice the amount above average scores on assessments. According to Hannah Littlecott, the leader of the study, before this experiment it was very unclear if breakfast does indeed cause a positive school behavior. Obviously, from this study school performance is influenced by eating breakfast. Therefor, this would mean the Alternative Hypothesis is correct.imgres

Even though it is now proven that eating breakfast causes one to be a better student, why is breakfast causing them to better students rather than a meal later in the day? According to a study conducted by The University of Bath in the United Kingdom, they asked a group of people to eat 700 calories before 11 a.m. and every five minutes their blood pressure would be tested. The chart shown on the below explains how those who did eat breakfast, the orange, had a more stable blood sugar flow throughout the day than those who did not eat breakfast, the blue, who had a more sporadic blood sugar flow throughout the day.crm_body_on_breakfast_chart_10-14By eating breakfast one will be able to maintain their blood sugar which allows you to be able to maintain your energy which will allow you to be more alert in school throughout the day.

So, after understanding the results and this study it does seem like a good idea to eat breakfast before school. As long as you are eating something as simple as a bowl of cereal, the study confirms that it’ll help you become a much better student. I know that I will definitely be eating breakfast before my classes to ensure I can get at least a little boost on my academic performance!


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