What is Cuffing Season?

It’s that time of the year people!!! The air is getting chilly and people are switching their morning drink from Iced Caramel Lattes to Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates. I’ve seen my once “single-pringle” friends, who swear to be a die-heart single girl till they die. However, this time from early fall to winter is particularly interesting time when people who once loved going out and focusing on themselves, start to strive for something more romantic. All across magazines like Cosmo, E!, and Vougethere is an animalistic attribute to this idea of “cuffing”.

I have always wondered what makes people are more inclined to get into relationships in the fall. Maybe it’s for the Instagram photos in pumpkin patches. Maybe it’s for the companionship throughout the harsh winter. But what I do know is that this culture of getting into relationships has been sweeping the media for years around this time.

The science behind this idea of this season is that mammals go through Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” and that only the couples survive the winter. There is also a pressure of this for young adults

Another reason cuffing reason cuffing season is so prominent, especially in climates similar to Penn State, is due to the increased rates of the need for dates to holiday parties, formals, and hayride nights. The internal competition singles have to find love in a season when all the social settings are requiring a date.

So although a flip may not literally switch once it turns to October, and single people may not automatically jump into relationships, there is still the pressure for people from the media for monogamous relationships in the winter, along with the psychological reasoning.



4 thoughts on “What is Cuffing Season?

  1. Victor William Gregory

    I think the idea is interesting, but it lacks significant foundational evidence. For example, what is cuffing season like for those already in a relationship? My significant other as well as many others have recently ended the relationship so does Fall cause those in a relationship to seal them out but yet somehow at the same time cause those who were in relationships to want to be single? I think this was an interesting topic that should be looked into further.

  2. Alyssa Marie Frey

    I think you really have something interesting and different to talk about that, however you need more evidence to support your claim that people feel more pressure to be in a relationship during this time of the year. If you can find a study or experiment that could relate to the topic, that would also improve your blog. Even if you can’t find a particular study that correlates with the claim, maybe you could find studies that show what makes people fall in love and other variables. You also might want to check your live links because they are not working for me.

  3. Abigail Louise Edwards

    Hi Danielle!

    I really like this topic because it actually makes a lot of sense and is very relatable. Although, I really wished that you expanded on Darwins “Survival of the fittest”. This is a great point and is what adds science to you your post, it should be talked about a little bit more. Why is it that only couples survive through the winter? And why is there pressure on young adults? If you could find statistics or other evidence to back that up it would be much more persuasive. Other than that great job!


  4. Rachel Lauren Satell

    This is an interesting take on cuffing season. The article below suggests that “cuffing season” may be a kind of biological imperative as we are most fertile in the colder months. As I was reading your post, I couldn’t help but wonder if cuffing season is a phenomenon in parts of the country that do not get nearly as cold as State College does in the winter. I have linked an article by a Florida native that suggests that this phenomenon of “cuffing” is unique to colder climates.


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