Why does new born baby cry?

I know new born baby would cry a lot. Even they cry, they look so cute and lovely. But I never think about why the baby would cry soon after they born. Sometimes, people just think maybe they just come to the world and not familiar with the world, and they don’t know what is going on, then they feel nervous about the situation. Or, maybe it is they just feel pain, unhappy or fear to leave their ‘old home’-mom’s body. Is the actual situation like this?crying-aby-with-hands-on-head

Last year, my older sister got married. Soon she has a cute baby. I waited at the hospital, while my sister gave birth. Soon, my nephew comes to the world. He is the most active and adorable baby I ever see. But he was always cried; I start to worry about him. But my sister seems happy, and she said that neonatal infants cry the sign that the baby is healthy. I don’t understand why this could mean the baby is healthy; I ask my sister, she didn’t know why and she just said people and doctors said that.

When I go back to home, I start to search why neonatal infants would cry and why that means the baby is healthy.

I did lots of research, and the consequence made me know more about newborn infants. According to George Malcolm Morley research, the babies don’t breathe in their mom’s womb, and their lung is air free. After birth, as the stimulation of cold air the infant’s breath themselves, to breathe oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide. This process makes their chest cavity bigger and opens their pulmonary lobe,  which makes the air go through infants body easier. When air comes to infants body, the chest cavity gets smaller and push out the air that just breathed in. When air be pushed out, the air shock the vocal cords which caused the vibration of vocal cords. This vibration will make a sound seems like infants are crying.

The babies cry shows their body are healthy and well worked. The louder babies cry, the more health their body are. Because babies cry is a hard process for them to do, it will need 80 percents muscles to make you cry; also it can means they can breathe their own, same as cry, breathe is a very hard process. This video shows how complex human’s Respiratory System are. If infants can cry which means their Respiratory System is working well, and this, of course, is a symbol of healthy. respiratory_system

That explain why we know when the newborn infant doesn’t cry; the nurses will try everything to make he/she cry. If a newborn baby doesn’t cry which may because the amniotic fluid in their lung is not discharged, the nurses will try everything to put amniotic fluid out and make infants cry. But if it still doesn’t work or the infant cry slightly, it may represent that the baby has some congenital diseases. More seriously would lead to the death. Here is the video shows the baby doesn’t cry, and nurse have tried everything to make him cry but it seems doesn’t work. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, the Lord took him New Year’s day of 2010.

Newborn baby cry means he/she is healthy and organization well worked. As I list information here, it clearly shows that what people will fell happy if their babies cry after birth, and why they nervous if the baby doesn’t cry.

3 thoughts on “Why does new born baby cry?

  1. Cristen Heaton

    I always thought babies cried because they were just simply unhappy. Your blog post makes me think about it in a different way and it all makes sense. Overall, your blog post was solid. I was a little confused so maybe make it a little more well constructed. I feel as though you might want to add a study to back up your conclusion even more. I came across this interesting article, http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca/pmcc/articles/PMC1117119/pdf/1381.pdf, that really helped me understand more about why babies cry. This article/study, https://www.questia.com/library/journal/1P3-1384901021/why-do-babies-cry, would have also been a great way to expand your blog post. It was really informative, I just felt like you were missing some information!

    1. Olivia Helen DeArment

      This post interested me because I babysit a lot and would always stress out when babies would cry as I tried to figure out what was wrong. I do feel like even though it does explain healthiness and well being of a child, crying does show that something is wrong or that something made them upset. It was an interesting topic, but I was a little unclear on the sources backing up the information. http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/infant-and-toddler-health/in-depth/healthy-baby/art-20043859 Here is an article on a bunch of reasons explaining why babies cry, besides being healthy babies! It might be helpful to understand the other possibilities to their discomfort or determining if something is wrong.

  2. Danielle Megan Sobel

    I have never been confused about this topic but reading your blog it opened my mind up to the science behind why this happens. Although most new parents, and really and compassionate person, would look at a crying baby as a negative thing, I have found a website that shares points that show that a baby’s cry is actually a very good thing. http://www.thehealthsite.com/pregnancy/5-reasons-why-crying-is-actually-good-for-your-baby-d114/ I really agree with these points and feel as though babies who have been breathing through the amniotic sack need to stretch their vocal cords.

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