Marijuana… should it be legal?

I commonly hear people discussing and debating whether the drug marijuana should be legal or illegal and the effects it has on the human body. Marijuana is one of the most controversial drugs across the nation. There has been an excessive amount of research on marijuana, but many facts and myths are still unclear on what may be true. It is only legal to use it recreationally in four states across the nation; however, many states are on the borderline of legalizing it within the next couple of years. I want to know what it is about weed that makes it beneficial or detrimental and why it is legal in some states but illegal in the majority of the country.

There have been many studies that show that marijuana has slim to no harmful effects to the physical health of the human body over long-term periods. However, there have also been studies that have shown possible negative consequences to our health. There was a study done in New Zealand where a little over a thousand people were monitored from ages 18-38 on the effects heavy marijuana use has on the physical health of the human body. The results of this study were rather fascinating. The only negative effects weed had were on the teeth of the sample group. Discoloring of the teeth may be annoying, but can be fixed easily with any teeth whitening, dental care or cleansing. Other than that, this study showed no signs of damage to the lungs or any internal organs that may affect the lifetime of human beings.


There is a common term known as the “munchies” that refers to the desire to eat after smoking. Another study across the United States showed that marijuana smokers as a whole were less obese than those that never smoked. Studies of over 50,000 people revealed that 22-25 percent of the group who didn’t smoke was overweight while only 14-17% of the group who smoked a weekly were obese. Although these studies show that smoking may result in being less obese, it doesn’t directly prove that this is true.

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Several tests have been done on marijuana yet, the evidence of a solid conclusion remains unclear of whether this drug is a detriment to the human body. For the most part, the main reason marijuana is illegal in most states is due to it being the gateway drug for the surplus of other more intense drugs. However, a study was done in Sweden where more than 50,000 men were put to the test. The results were rather shocking for those who believed marijuana had no harmful effect on our bodies. The study showed that marijuana users doubled their likelihood of experiencing schizophrenia and have an increased chance of getting a heart attack. This study also showed possible hallucinations and sporadic thinking in the future.



Medical marijuana is a highly important remedy when it comes to relieving pain. Many chemotherapy patients use medical cannabis for this reason, but not many studies can fully support that it’s beneficial for these users. Thanks to Christopher Ronkainen’s suggestion in my comments, I went back and researched the beneficial uses medical marijuana had on the people who are suffering from epilepsy. One telephone survey stated that 21 percent of medical marijuana users claimed that it had positive outcomes when, those who suffered from these seizures, were asked about the effectiveness it had on epilepsy patients. There was another study released claiming that there was a 57 percent increase in seizure regulation and 33 percent of the experimental group said that there was a decrease greater than 50 percent in seizures as a result of medical marijuana use.


  • Pain reliever
  • Reduces stress
  • Less Obese
  • Recreational use is satisfying


  • Gateway drug
  • Discoloring of teeth
    Can cause:
  • schizophrenia
  • Heart attack
  • Sporadic thinking

Overall, Marijuana has been studied many times and remains one of the most controversial drugs across the nation. It’s been completely legalized in four states, and I believe it will continue to be completely legalized, gradually across the United States. This drug may have positive medical effects, for example, it may relieve stress or even decrease obesity as a whole but could also potentially lead to a heart attack and maybe even schizophrenia. After comparing and contrasting the positive and negative effects of this drug, did your opinion change on marijuana? Where do you stand in this debate? Should marijuana be legal?

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5 thoughts on “Marijuana… should it be legal?

  1. Hannah Margaret Mears

    I found this interesting because I recently visited Colorado this summer. It is true what they say about that state, it is so much calmer and everyone you meet is friendly. Is it because they are high off of the beauty of the mountains, or just high in general? I do not think marijuana should be legalized completely, however I do think that it should be legal for medical purposes. This link gives insight on some testing that has been done with medical marijuana, but it also lists the potential risks involved. Although, I believe that if someone is suffering enough shouldn’t it be there choice if they want to try the drug to see if it actually helps? I think it should be our right to decide how we would like to handle our pain when it comes down to it.

  2. Zihan Wang

    Hi, John Carney. You find a good topic because it’s a social problem nowadays. Marijuana is kind of drugs, and it can make people be addictive to it. First, I don’t think marijuana should be legal because even though marijuana won’t damage physical health of human, people who smoke it will be difficult to get over it. Second, you mentioned that marijuana’s only drawback is harmful for teeth, and marijuana can avoid obesity. I think if people who depend on marijuana to keep thin, he is not smart. There are many ways to avoid obesity such as exercise, and marijuana is definitely not the best choice. Finally, you use much data to proof your analysis, and it makes your blog more reliable. Adding class knowledge to your blog, you did well. Here is a video for your topic

  3. Christopher Ronkainen

    Your topic choice in my opinion was a very good one with the current relevance in todays society. However, I think you could have talked a lot more on the topic of marijuana being used for medical purposes. In one studywith a sample size of 75 children with epilepsy, 57% reported improvement in the reduction of seizures. The even more astounding result was that 33% of the patients reported a reduction in seizures greater than 50%. Medical marijuana is a large portion of the discussion of whether marijuana should be legalized and I believe it should have been discussed.

  4. Alexis Herrington

    I think your post is interesting and obviously a big discussion topic in todays world. However, I think you could have related this topic more to science by going further into detail with the studies you brought up in your post or by finding studies relating to benefits or deficits of marijuana use. For example, you could have searched studies on marijuana and its correlation to helping cancer patients, its effects on young adults IQs, etc. From this information, you could have made a personal conclusion if you think these results were strong enough to make the drug necessary to be legalized. Here are links I found from a google scholar study that you should check out to further your post:

  5. Lucas Thomas Hansen

    Hey what’s up JT guy, after reading your article it really changed my perception to consider both views about the benefits and cons about Marijuana. In my opinion I think that legalizing marijuana should only be for medical purposes, so not just anyone can obtain access to it. Also, legalizing marijuana will increase tax revenue for the US government tenfold. In an article posted by the tax foundation, they stated all the tax percentages on marijuana, and concluded that the state of Colorado raised $140 million dollars in tax revenue. In my opinion, it’s a no brainer, even if each state could generate at least one third of $140 million we would be better off.

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