Why people got so addicted to sugary drinks?

During the class, Andrew talked about the sugary drinks can cause the weight gain. Because  these soda drinks contains high levels of sugar. But there are still a lot of people are crazy about these drinks. Even people who are trying to lose weight. According to the research, there are approximately half of all people drink sugary drinks in America every day. So what are the ingredients in these sugary drinks makes people so addicted ?


First of all, most of the sugary drinks such as coke contain caffeine. It is known to the world as the most popular drug to let people think sharper, and give people energy. Because caffeine is soluble both in water and fat, so after people drank the coke with caffeine in it, they can go directly to the brain through the blood. The reason that caffeine can reduce people’s stress and make people feel less tired is because they can block the adenosine receptors (which is a nature molecule in the brain). So the excess of adenosine in the brain can produce fight chemical adrenaline. So some people use these feelings as energy. So when people gets tired, they will choose to drink more caffeine drinks in order to restore their energy. Therefore people gets addicted to it.

Second, because most of the sugary drinks contain high levels of sugar. For example, a small can of soda contains approximately 39 grams of sugar and this could attract all the small children and teenagers. Because we all like “flavored sweet water”.

Third, most of the sugary drinks such as Pepsi and coke contain carbon dioxide. And carbon dioxide can change water to sparking water, and make people fall in love with it.

But according to the research, there is no beneficial nutrition for people in sugary drinks. Sugary drinks will only harm our body. Because this kind of drinks contain phosphoric acid, and it could break down the calcium in human’s body and cause people have a bone fracture. And because there are so many sugars in the sugary drinks, and it can cause people get diabetes, which is explained why there are so many young children got diabetes.

So it’s better for people to realize that how much damage can sugary drinks do to people and start to drink more healthy.

2 thoughts on “Why people got so addicted to sugary drinks?

  1. Grace Ellen Leibow

    I also found Andrew’s lesson on sugary drinks really interesting, as I often contemplate whether or not to reach for my favorite soda at lunch. However, I think it’s important to realize that sugary drinks extend beyond soda. Today, in an effort to be healthy, I decided to fill up my fountain drink at the soda machine with Raspberry Iced Tea. However, the first sip, I immediately was overwhelmed by how sugary it tasted, and had to dump it out and settle for water. Here is an interesting article that discusses how iced tea can often be just as bad as soda, and exactly what the perils of it are. You can check it out here: http://www.yourdailyvegan.com/2013/06/have-you-replaced-soda-with-iced-tea-read-this/
    Perhaps you could add a few alternatives to sugary drinks to strengthen your blog!

    1. Pengji Wei Post author

      Hello Grace. I totally agree with you that sugary drinks such as Iced tea are as bad as the soda drinks. Because they also contained a lot of sugars in it in order to make it really sweet. So sometimes it really frustrates me when I start to drink these iced tea. Because I love drinking teas. But unlike China, the tea in here are super sweet and is not traditional. So when I order my iced tea, I usually tells them do not add sugar in it. Because if there are too much sugar in it, it will have the same bad effect as soda can give us. Also if we drink too much teas, it might also going to hurt our kidneys too. Here is link I found can explain why tea can cause the kidney stones.
      And thank you for you advice!

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