Why people keep and join smoking cigarettes even they know it hurts

Cigarettes have been a worldwide problem. We can see people smoke everywhere on the street. Smokers always said they would quit smoke, but they barely success and the still enormous number of people pick up this habit every year. Why does this happen? Even for me, I am a smoker, and I smoke about ten cigarettes per day before I came to college, now I only smoke 3 or 4 per day because my girlfriend set a strict limit on some cigarettes for me. As a cigarettes smoker, I feel hard for me to quit, not just the addiction for nicotine but other factors.
I still remember one of my friends said people must get addicted to something in his/her life. I am not judge if this is right, but people did do that. Someone addicted to alcohol; someone addicted to reading; someone addicted to painting, and someone addicted to video games, etc. For me, I chose to addict to cigarettes; I like to smoke cigarettes, and I am not afraid to get addicted to it.

Business colleagues on a smoke break outside the office

Business colleagues on a smoke break outside the office

From my experience, one of the reasons why so many people still join smoke is teenagers think smoking is a cool thing. The first touch of cigarettes is because I am out of curiosity for smoking cigarettes and it looks so cool. I want to know why so many people like it, so I tried it once, and It makes me keep a cough; I don’t like this thing in my first experience. It tastes just like burning grasses. Since that I did not touch cigarettes in one year, until one party my friend give one cigarette to me. I said I don’t like this, and my friend said, oh man! Why don’t you smoke? That is not cool! Then, he showed me how to smoke; I am a young boy of high self-respect, and I tried it serval times. Finally, I did like this felling. I began to think it is a cool thing to do. During a class break, several friends gathering at the restroom to smoke together, it feels so good, not the cigarettes but the feeling you think everyone thinks you are a cool guy, even the truth is most of them thinks you are a dumb. Here is an article to explicitly describe such action and mentality.

There are other reasons for people don’t want to or make them can’t quit smoke. The reason smoke is kind of social contact that can make people more quickly to get close with other. Here is the article talks about social smoking.

Form my experience; I was a shy boy before I smoke. I barely talk to strangers; the first reason is I am too shy to talk to them, and the other reason is I have nothing to talk with them. Before I smoke a cigarette, I only have a few friends, and I don’t even want to have more friends. After the smoke, I become more sociable. When I see my friend bring his friends to a party, I can just give them my cigarettes and smoke together; that makes me seems easier going and friendly. The most important thing is when we smoke together, we have more common words to talk, that is easier for me to make new friends. Even, I know smoke is not good for me, I still do it because it can provide me more positive effect than bad. I become more sociable and outgoing. Now, when I talk to people I don’t familiar with I

have more confidence, and I know better how to talk with people. That is permanently good thing cigarette brings to me. In China, most of the business meeting will have cigarettes, because that makes them more comfortable to talk; that has become current of the times. When you ask someone to do a favor for you, bring a cigarette will always make it easier.

In conclusion, I do not encourage people to smoke cigarettes; I just expound my views toward cigarettes, and the benefits it brings to me. Also, that explained why it is so hard for a smoker to quit smoking.

3 thoughts on “Why people keep and join smoking cigarettes even they know it hurts

  1. Zachary Jacob Himel

    Hey Wencong, I don’t smoke cigarettes because I feel the positives do not outweigh the negatives. There are so many health precautions when using tobacco. In class, we discussed studies that have been done to prove that cigarettes do damage to a person’s lungs. Here is an article you can read to learn more about these precautions. Your perspective on the importance of cigarettes socially is interesting. I have many friends who also smoke cigarettes because they like the social aspect of it. In particular, it gives them something to do when they are just on a walk or sitting down somewhere.

  2. Melanie Dawn Weltner

    It is interesting to see a different side of this argument and I enjoyed this post! A lot of my family members have smoked since they were my age and I always hear them saying “One day i’m going to quit”, but it never happens. I always end up asking them “Well, why don’t you just quit then? I don’t understand if you want to quit, then just do it.” Being a non-smoker, it is hard for me to relate to this uncanny feeling of addiction that smokers endure. I think this brings up an interesting question of what causes someone to become so addicted to a drug or alcohol or even coffee enough to the point where they would not give it up even if they knew it was harmful. This article does a pretty good job at explaining in detail the reasons behind addiction, although this article is more directed towards drugs and alcohol rather than strictly tobacco. http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/how-captivity-effects-the-mental-well-being-of-all-animals/

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