A migraine mechanism?

Throughout all of my childhood, I can remember early afternoons when I would come home from school and find my mother in a dark room sleeping. At first I was alarmed at the oddness of the scene and worried about my mothers health. Eventually, I asked my mom and dad about what was wrong, to my surprise my Mom was suffering from sever migraine headaches. Ever since my discovery, I have always been intrigued about how such severe headaches are triggered.

Without looking too hard into migraines, the run of the mill causes of migraines seemed to be obvious, the most popular reason being stress. However, recently I came across an article on CNN that enlightened me to a study done by the San Diego School of Medicine on the potential causes of migraines.

Courtesy of: sidebar.com

Courtesy of: sidebar.com

The study was relatively large in stature. In the study, nearly 2,000 people’s mouths and feces were taken under review. In an attempt to eliminate a prominent confounding third variable, they participants were asked about whether or not they had experience migraines in the past. Interestingly enough, the results of the study showed that those who had migraines had a strand of bacteria located in their mouths and feces that were not found in the participants who do not have migraines.

This seems to be a relatively reasonable explanation for a potential mechanism for the cause of migraine headaches. However, the study and the article do not mention how the bacteria directly affect the brain triggering the migraine. Therefore, I am not completely ready to make a conclusion that this bacterium is the official mechanism for migraines.

Overall, it is refreshing to see a quality study done attempting to explain the mechanism for migraines. In the future, I would like to see further investigation into the bacteria within the mouths and feces of those affected by migraines. These headaches are so common for so many people that I believe it is important to investigate further in to the matter.

4 thoughts on “A migraine mechanism?

  1. Matthew Edward Simco

    A few times a year, I have very bad migraines, and I can confidently say that there is no worse pain in the world. My mother gets them occasionally, and I guess thats how I get them. I have been injured my fair share of times, and I could honestly say the pain of a migraine is the worst pain I have experienced. Nowadays, whenever I can feel myself starting to get a headache I take advil, well before the pain gets bad. Another weird thing I have been told by my mom was that almonds reduce headaches. The article below talks about that.

  2. dhc5097

    I was intrigued by this article because my mom occasionally suffers from migraines as well. I always wondered what could possibly cause these severe migraines and found out many things can trigger migraines such as food, drinks, stress, medication, bright lights, hormones, hunger, etc. With this being said, there are cures and remedies out their for migraines. I came across a website that lists several home remedies as well as ways to solve migraines.

  3. Lauren Eve Ribeiro

    My mom has always suffered from really bad migraines too so I actually ended up sending her your blog post. I have heard that piercing your daith, which is a part of your ear can greatly help migraines. I am curious to know if this actually works or if people just think it works and it is some type of placebo.

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