A Person’s Height: Nature VS. Nurture

Like we discussed in class today with our guest speaker, does a person’s height depend on nature or nurture? In this case, nature is our DNA¬†and genes, and nurture include outside factors such as our living environment. According to in-class discussion and online researching, I find that both nature and nurture influence our heights.


I find a really interesting calculator online which is a height calculator that could calculate your expected adult height, so I put in my information when I was 14 years old and see if the result matches my height right now. The result came up to be 163 cm, and my actual height is 167 cm. So this approves that a kid’s height depends on both nature and nurture.


I used to live with my family back in China until when I was 14, and my height when I was 14 was 160 cm, so my mom used to really worry about my height for a long time because she thought my expected adult height was going to stop at 163 cm. But after coming to America, I grew a lot taller unexpectedly, so there must be some kind of outside factors such as food and environment. I started playing volleyball and basketball during high school and did lot of exercises. Also, I ate more meat such as beef.

However, a person’s height are both influenced by nature and nurture.


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