Abs are made in the … kitchen?

So being that I plan on going away for spring break this year with the majority of my Pledge class within my sorority. This summer I decided to get fit in preparation for this trip. Not only did I do some research but I did some of my own experimenting as well. I know we have all heard abs are made in the kitchen. But are they?

Being as though I was skeptical I decided to attempt to first handedly figure out if this was true  or not. As I know, my own personal reflection is only considered an anecdote, I don’t expect you to be fully convinced by my story alone.

I began an aggressive workout schedule with an overall balanced diet, everything in moderation. I worked out 2+ hours a day for at least 6 days a week. My workouts included Kickboxing, Spin, and weight training…. Everyday with the help of a trainer. I saw results but not what I would expect over the course of 2 months. The summer had come to an end and I knew I would be arriving back to school soon so I decided to change up my plan. Once arriving back to school this fall, I began to keep an EXTREMELY strict diet and incorporated moderate exercise meaning in my eyes; 1 hour of exercise in the gym at least 3x a week. This was a drastic change in my plans.

Now that we are about 2 months into school, and have been practicing this plan religiously. I can honestly say my results are far better now then they were over this past summer. I have more definition in my stomach then I had before despite my lack of exercise.

I know that you might not be totally convinced so I decided to do a little research.

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pic found here.

After reviewing an article found here…..

Obviously there are certain foods that we know are completely off limits for weight loss. What makes a certain food worse off for you? Basically I am sure we all know this but, when a certain food that is high in sugar (artificial OR natural) your blood pressure will most likely increase. After this increase your pancreas will automatically secrete insulin. Naturally, these calories will be saved and stored as fat.

So just like we know what causes weight gain, what types of foods help you burn fat. High protein filled foods activate your metabolism. This is known as the thermic effect. Basically It physically takes more energy to burn it making you burn more calories overall after eating foods like this.

When you hear about fattening foods you automatically stay away. This is actually a common misconception. In hopes to keep your metabolism running and maintain your energy throughout the day. Some healthy fats include; oils, nuts, nut butters. All healthy fats.

Overall my findings pay closer attention to diet than to exercise.

3 thoughts on “Abs are made in the … kitchen?

  1. Jacqueline Brocco

    I love this blog post because it is relatable! I love to workout, eat healthy, and be fit but it is most definitely not all in the workout! What you put into your body is extremely crucial to losing weight and staying fit. My mother loves to eat healthy and try to lose weight so she always has healthy food in the house and makes nutritious dinners! Also, if you want to binge eat a little you can. It is about portion control. Instead of eating a bowl of ice cream you can eat a scoop! Here are 50 foods that are really healthy and can help you out until spring break!


  2. Samantha Liebensohn

    This blog post was really intriguing because I was able to relate to your story through personal experience. Whenever I workout a lot I always allow myself to eat whatever I want. However, I found that when I did this instead of paying close attention to what i ate my results were less noticeable. The meal that was most difficult for me to eat healthy in was breakfast because doughnuts and bagels are much more accessible around campus. I found this video which gave me some healthy breakfast inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za4mTc38yF8

  3. Delaney Ann Flynn

    I have heard this theory before that abs are achieved more with diet than exercise. I have done countless core exercises with no changes in my diet and saw slight results similar to your story. Once I started paying more attention to my diet, I saw more drastic improvements. I found an article that lists foods that lead to a flat stomach. They prevent bloating and paired with core exercise promise great results.

    Food Swaps for a Flat Stomach

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