Are vitamins necessary?


I always remember my parents telling my to take my vitamins as a kid. For a while, I have always thought that vitamins are a good thing and you should take them daily. Until recently when my Grandmother said she saw a study that said they might not be necessary. This got me interested to see if this was true or not. Vitamins have been long thought to provide health various health benefits but do they actually? Vitamins do have their benefits but there is growing speculation that we might not really need them.


Let’s start with the benefits of vitamins. Vitamins generally benefit people who can’t get the nutrients and vitamins they need. According to a Consumer Reports article, one example would be pregnant women or women trying to conceive. During this time, women need more nutrients than they usually do. So in this case, a vitamin is very helpful.

Some other people that might need vitamins are those on a diet or with certain disorders. People that are dieting sometimes cut out food groups that usually provide them with the correct nutrients, explains Consumer Reports. People that have disorders such as diabetes and cancer can also benefit from vitamins. As you age, your ability to take in certain nutrients starts to taper. A multivitamin might help people that are age 50 or older get the nutrients they need.

Other people that can benefit from a vitamin are those that do not get all the nutrients they need from their daily diet. Roberta Anding from the American Dietetic Association says that even though vitamins can help you get the nutrients you need, people should not rely on them. She explains that you should be focusing on what you eat and not relying on vitamins to give you the nutrients you need. A healthy diet is the best way to get your nutrients.



The Controversy

As more and more studies are done, experts are starting to say that people should stop taking vitamins. It has been long thought that people benefit from vitamins, but that could be false. One study that was done might prove that wrong. It looked at three past studies claiming potential benefits of vitamins and it found some interesting results, says Medical Daily. After looking through the other studies, they found that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the vitamins were helping. This leads me to think studies on vitamins could suffer from the file drawer problem. Have we only been seeing the studies that show benefits and not the ones that show vitamins aren’t doing anything?

Many experts are starting to advise people to stop taking vitamins. Dr. Eliseo Guallar, a professor at Johns Hopkins, says that he doesn’t believe vitamins are working. He explains that there is not significant evidence to prove that vitamins have the benefits previously reported. Guallar is also urging people to stop buying vitamins. Duffy Mackay from the Council of Responsible Nutritions feels a little different though. He explains science still supports the fact that vitamins can benefit health and help us get our nutrients. Mackay does say that we need to examine why we take vitamins but he still supports people taking them. Guallar does not feel the same way though. He still says that there is not enough evidence to support the claim that vitamins improve our health. It is a sticky situation but more and more experts seem to think vitamins might not be necessary.

Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe


This is a very hard topic to pick a side on. For many years, I have been told that vitamins are good for you. Learning that there are studies that show they might in fact do nothing is surprising to me. As I mentioned earlier, could vitamin studies suffer from the file drawer problem? Have we only been hearing about the benefits of vitamins and not about the possibility that they do nothing? It is known that pregnant women, people with certain disorders and people over 50 benefit from vitamins but what about other people. There are a multitude of studies going on to get to the bottom of this, but how long will that take? I take vitamins every day and recent studies now have me questioning my habit. Should I continue to spend money on vitamins or should I stop taking them? This is a question that I hope science can answer, and hopefully soon.


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  1. Allison Maria Magee

    This post is very interesting to me because I have to take multiple vitamins a day due to a health problem I have. I believe that certain vitamins are very helpful to certain people. For example, if someone does not drink milk or consume a lot of calcium, a calcium supplement pill would be very beneficial to that person. This article highlights how important calcium is for the human body:
    This is just one example on why I believe that certain pills are helpful. I do believe that pills like this can affect and truly help a person.

  2. Celine Degachi

    Really good post!! This caught my attention because I’ve actually been thinking about how I should start taking vitamins since I feel like I haven’t been getting the best nutrition here but after reading this post, I’m starting to reconsider. Although I think that there aren’t enough studies to conclude that vitamins aren’t helpful since there is only one study referred to (like Leibovici when he concluded that prayer shortens hospital stay and was incorrect since other scientists couldn’t find the same results) and that if a meta-analysis was done, you would find that there is more evidence to support the idea that vitamins are helpful. Here’s an article I found that shows what vitamins might actually be harmful.

  3. Julia R Martini

    This was one of the best posts I’ve read so far! I really enjoyed it. I just bought Vitamin C & D since it is getting colder outside but after reading this I may not need it. I never took vitamins growing up so I understand when parents say it isn’t necessary. I don’t believe that vitamins are bad for people, but I do believe that they could be useless. Even the title in this article isn’t validating that vitamins are bad but it does explain why there isn’t a huge need for them.

    1. Casey Andrew Schaum Post author

      Thank you! The article you provided was a good read. I was surprised to learn that too many vitamins is a bad thing. I agree with you about how you think vitamins could be useless. The more and more I think about it, the more sense it makes. I do understand the other side though. Not everyone has the healthiest diet and I think some people may actually benefit from them. The only way to truly find this out is through studies and research. I am interested to see what studies find in the future. . Here’s another good article on vitamins if you’re interested. It talks about some of the same things we talked about but also has some other good points.

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