If there is anything that can make people change emotionally really quick, it can be the seasons. Some people take a liking to the changing of colors when the fall comes around, while some get happy when the first sign of warmth hits in April. But for one season, it is lucky enough to have its own saying associated with it, winter. Do you have the winter blues? It’s a common thought the chill in the air and the decrease amount of daylight ultimately leads to people being depressed. Is this just a myth or is there actual statistical evidence to prove that people get more depressed? Some research might show some significant evidence but its whether its scientifically proven.


So what is the prime reason that people have severe mood changes when different seasons come along? Some people can be diagnosed with SAD, which is a disorder where your mood changes with the change of the seasons. Obviously not everyone is going to be a victim of this, only a small amount, but you might fall into the group if you are experiencing the follow symptoms (Insert link here). Personally I think a lot of people have this problem because it seems that the winter is the most disliked season out of all of them. Once the cold weather hits, people stay inside more than they should, which ultimately has its unhealthy affects. People love the comfort of their warm house and don’t see any benefit of stepping outside. What if there was one thing that could be causing the mood changes? A lot of people are pointing their hands toward sunlight to having the biggest impact, but then again that might not be the only reason that causes it. There are so many ways that people can avoid these problems, and they are all self-controlled. Something as simple as controlling your diet could go a long way in making you. You leave yourself inside all day and you will be tempted to eat bad food, but you want to make sure to maintain a balance diet. Whenever someone is consistently eating well, there mood and attitude about themselves will be much higher. Even a simple half hour work- out a couple times a week will go a long way in preventing any type of stress of depression. I can gauge from personal experience that after working out, no matter the summer I feel a lot better about myself, and that definitely can go along way when the winter rolls around.


Researchers have put in a lot of work to figure out what exactly is causing people to become more depressed during the winter, like what exactly is going on inside the body. All signs are pointing towards the disturbance of your sleep cycle, mainly because there is a lack of sunlight during the winter. The exact science of what is going on can be found here (Click Here to Visit Website).


It’s a common thought that winter, which collectively is the least liked season, has a direct correlation to people becoming more depressed. As sad it is to say, winter although doesn’t have the highest suicide rates, rather the summer and the spring. So obviously winter still causes a high rate, but it’s not having an overwhelming effect to lead to these certain results. But overall it has enough effect where it makes the mood of a lot of people worse than usual.



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  1. Olivia Watkins

    Nice job! Oh, I have the winter blues alright. Not the biggest fan of black ice, dirty snow, and finding salt everywhere in my house. Another reason of why peoples moods change with the seasons is because of the sunlight. According to the URL at the bottom, Vitamin D is a substance needed from the sun. In winter, the sun is hidden and barely exists. In the spring, it is a little better. Summer and fall are just so beautiful and are very full of sunshine and Vitamin D.

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