Freezing your body: Would you do it?

If anyone watches Golden girls such as myself then picture this: remember the episode where Rose convinces Blanche, Dorothy, and Sofia that if anything were to happen to her that they would have their brains frozen? I never imagined this was a real thing happening in science today. There is something called Cryonics where it is believed that storing someone’s body in a low and very cold temperature while having them fully immersed into liquid nitrogen. This sounds crazy right? But the first ever man to be have this done was in 1967 and the man’s name was James Bedford. His cryogenic freezing began so long ago and continues on even so today. There are many famous celebrities that have vowed to go through with the cryonic freezing. Cryonic freezing can cost as low as 28,000 which is pretty high to me but the highest I have seen the numbers is 200,000 dollars. The simplicity of the science explained here is the body is to be preserved until there is such a science that can make a person come back to life free of whatever disease he or she might have died from. This sounds very hopeless to me. It is a lump sum of money only for a chance for science to have developed far enough to make this possible. It is too much of a chance to take. There haven’t been any developments since the idea of cryonic freezing began. It has been over 49 years since the first man was filled with liquid nitrogen and there is still not a way to revive a person from that state. Many scientists do not believe in the practicality of simply having people wait to possibly have science save them not a definite. It surprises me that so many people want to do this because it’s a risk that probably won’t happen. Another thing is that why would someone want to come back to life? if it does work it would certainly take a long time and by then most of their love ones will be gone. What will be the point if everyone you knew was already dead? Why not let the body be natural and decompose and move on?  What do you think? Would you try cryogenic freezing? Do you believe it is moral?

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2 thoughts on “Freezing your body: Would you do it?

  1. Matthew Hogan

    This is an interesting topic to think about but personally I do not think that it will ever be possible for this to work. I think that if a person dies, despite being frozen I do not think there is a way that scientists could revive them. However, if this was possible I would not want to try it. It would be very risky to do this because you don’ know what things will be like on earth then, and you will have nobody that you love with you. Also you don’t know what the effects of being frozen could have on you.

  2. Olivia Watkins

    I have a friend who is in charge of Cryno Freezing at Victory Gym over in Hills Plaza. If I were dead, hell no would I want to be frozen. I want the opposite, cremated and spread at sea but, that is a subject I haven’t given too much thought. As for “is it moral”, it is up to that individual what they want to do with their remains. It’s outlined in their Will. As for people wanting another chance at life, that is something that is scary. With science’s breakthroughs every year, soon a way will be found. Can’t say I want to be around once that happens because that sounds like a zombie apocalypse in the making. I think it is crazy for someone to freeze their body and I found an article with more reasoning behind this.

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