Is your lucky sweater actually lucky?

Fashion is essential to achieving success. At least that’s what I’ve always believed; however, I do want to be in the fashion industry for my profession, so I may be a little biased. It was because of this that I was prompted to research whether what you wear affects the outcomes of a situation and/or a person’s mood. Does fashion truly have an impactful voice in how you feel and does it impact our daily lives?


How does what we wear impact us on an emotional level?

A study  was done at the University of Hertfordshire by Karen Pine in which she examined what women chose to wear and related it to how they felt. The result of this study concluded that when a woman was in a good mood, she would put extra effort into her appearance and was more concerned with how she looked. In contrast, when a woman was sad or upset she did not try as hard and had less interest in her appearance. It was also found that if you were the latter case and put on a nice outfit, it was shown to change the woman’s mood to a more blissful and pleased state. This study proved that what you wear truly does reflect your emotions. However, regarding the question of how what you wear effects your emotions, this is a reversal of my original question. Though there is some correlation between the two, the question of what factor causes the other is still up in the air.


How does fashion impact our daily lives?

One of my motto’s throughout life has been “Dress for Success”. Now I’m not saying if you “bum” it every now and then and wear some sweatpants to class you are a lazy or unmotivated person. I simply believe that if you dress good, you feel good, so you perform good. Fashion is a way of self-expression of not only style but also social groups and economic classes. According to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner,  by wearing high end fashion brands such as Chanel, Prada, and Gucci, you are exerting your wealth in society. Fashion is also a huge contender in how we are seen by our peers. By looking put together and well-polished, we appear more sophisticated and serene. In dissimilarity, when one looks very frazzled and messy they may be seen as shambolic and disorganized. All of this judgement is based off what you wear and how you wear it.


Why should you dress for the occasion?

There is a time and place for every piece of clothing. The most important place to really step up your game is at work/interviews. In a study it was shown that when employees, specifically men, dressed up in expensive and wealthy brand suits they were more successful in their endeavors. Confidence is key to success and by looking respectable your performance is enhanced.


Why this matters?

After researching this topic, I have come to the conclusion that fashion truly does alter how a human feels and how they are perceived. Fashion has the potential to lead us to success emotionally and socially. So next time you’re getting ready and look in the mirror, ask yourself “What does this say about me?”







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