Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana is a cause that is dear to my heart. for one, Marijuana is a natural plant that I truly believe god created in order for his subjects to lighten up and relax. the classification of Marijuana as a first class drug with heroin and cocaine is absurd. this absurdity has caused so much suffering, as people are being thrown in jail for possessing a simple amount of Marijuana. in this post, I will not talk about the benefits of Marijuana but rather focus on the fact that 40% of prisoners being held across the United States are from possessing Marijuana as if it was this blasphemous drug that is scourging societies across the nation. like heroin, which is a serious problem.

I went to a Bernie Sanders rally here at Penn State, he spoke passionately about the subject of legalizing Marijuana, as well as addressing how states that did in effect legalize it have coped with it. he mentioned something which i will talk about more during the post, which is the fact that although whites and blacks use Marijuana at the same amounts and figures, blacks still are more likely to go to prison because of simple possession. something i truly think is outrageous in every sense of the word. imagine, being arrested and humiliated, incarcerated in the worlds most notorious prisons where your rights are violated and your ambitions destroyed by a record that includes arrest, for what ? for trying to get high !

The legalization of Marijuana will be a stone that hits two birds, one of those birds is a fundamentally flawed and (outrageous) American criminal justice system. it will help communities from the negative consequences of incarceration. it would help the United States with its mass incarceration disaster. did you know that America has more prisoners than the next three countries combined. why? because prison has turned into a cash cow. it is natural to assume that people who run for profit prisons dont want Marijuana off the list of first class drugs. because most of their ‘clientele’ so to speak, will be gone. it is sickening to know that corporate CEO’s are receiving federal subsidies and lining their pockets while regular citizens get thrown in jail and have their lives destroyed for “possessing” small amounts of Marijuana. the good news is that Hillary Clinton (most likely next president according to polls and common sense) has promised to reschedule the status of Marijuana. helping to end the misery caused by profiteering ******** !


Hillary Clinton Campaign Says She Would Reschedule Marijuana


2 thoughts on “Legalizing Marijuana

  1. Dhaam Sakuntabhai

    I do agree that being in prison for marijuana is punishing way too much. However, I can not really agree with legalizing it because marijuana is known to make us lazy, forgetful and thus, hindering our goals in the long run. It can also affect our productivity and the nation’s economic growth especially since younger generation of kids are more addicted to it. Moreover, I found an article that says why marijuana should not be legal and also talks about how in fact not so many people went to prison because of it.

  2. Dante Labricciosa

    Well, this is a relevant topic, especially because we are a huge class in PA where marijuana became decriminalized and now allowing medicinal marijuana. But where are your sources? Where are the studies? You could easily connect the legalization positives to ties in New Amsterdam’s consumption GDP, or even positives to the state economy and social aspects of California, Colorado, or Alaska. Most of what you are saying is opinion based, though I do agree with much of what you are saying. Try analyzing the economic benefits and social benefits (decrease in crime) of legalizing marijuana, stated here: Marijuana has the power to change the world, and you know that. You just need a little more evidence to bring your blog to convince us.

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