Let’s Make Some Babies

What sparked the idea for this blog post was a Gattaca-esque video that popped up on my gattaca-originalFacebook feed. The animated video explains the process of how humans could be potentially grown, and tailored to the parents preferences, much like in the movie Gattaca. So this led to my wondering, is it actually possible to grow a human outside the human body?

As said in the video, the type of science that is working on developing this process is called eugenics. The purpose of eugenics is to try and enhance the genetic makeup of humans. The term itself was first coined in 1883 by Sir Francis Galton. Since then, the field has continued in their suit of human betterment through genetics.

With this type of science comes a plethora of ethical issues. People are very concerned in terms of genetically altering people and how that would effect people with disabilities. Some are of the opinion that doing this kind of research subjects eugenics_congress_logopeople with disabilities to even more discrimination than they already face. It suggests that people with disabilities are only their disability, and it overlooks all that they can do and the positive impacts that they make on society. It also discourages diversity, which occurs through the regular processes in reproduction. There are arguments on both sides, but either way there is a lot of red tape involved in terms of actually doing anything, as numerous policies have been put in place regulating eugenic experimental applications.

Also, I have seen no studies even suggesting completing such an experiment. Again, this is do to all of the rules and regulations which have been put in place. It seems that the idea of growing humans outside of the human body is strictly a theory, and a pretty out there one at that.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Make Some Babies

  1. lkr5215

    This is a crazy topic to talk about. I have heard of this and i personally find it immoral. that is just wrong in the sense of nitpicking out the features a parent wants in a child and doesn’t want. I think that’s an essential part of the human race having children with different traits and personalities its what makes everything human. Isn’t just having children good enough? would you ever do this if it could be done free of charge ?

  2. Dhaam Sakuntabhai

    This is a crazy topic to think about; I believe that once we think about doing something “inhuman”, it would directly be deemed as unethical because of the harms it can make. I did further research and found an article that talks about how human cloning is unethical; http://www.cbc-network.org/2011/10/human-cloning-research-breakthrough-is-unethical/. Do you think that human cloning and creating a human outside the body are the same thing, if not then why does it seems to fall under the same category?

  3. gcm5149

    This is an interesting blog because I haven’t heard about this happening. I started to do research and I actually found people that are trying to create a human genome from scratch. I find this hard to believe because there is so much that goes into creating a human being. All their organs, skin, hair, and the list goes on. I would like to see another blog about this in the future to see how far along researchers have come to successfully “growing” a human.

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