Molten Copper vs The Big Mac

Recently, I came across a video of a molten copper over a big mac. The title was ‘Copper v.s Big Mac’. I thought that this was impossible for a big mac to withstand molten copper. The null hypothesis in this experiment was that the molten copper does not break down the big mac. The alternative hypothesis was that the molten copper does break down the big mac. But to my surprise the big mac was still standing after this experiment. The null hypothesis was proved correct by this science experimental video. If molten copper can’t break through a big mac then how are our bodies digesting this food item? Molten copper is 1,984 degrees fahrenheit so, I was confused on how a big mac was not phased by this type of heat. This made me wonder what exactly is a big mac burger made up of and how is it surviving this molten copper encounter. Here is what the experiment looked like.




The Big Mac consists of two beef patties, lettuce, cheese and tomato. But digging further there are over 72 ingredients that go into making this item. According to food matters ,the bun for this sandwich alone consists of around 32 ingredients. One of the worst things that can be found in the bun are high fructose corn-syrup and sodium. These two ingredients hold the responsibility of obesity and heart disease and can be found right in the bun of a big mac. Instead of this restaurant using flour, yeast, salt and water, they contaminate it with these disgusting ingredients that our body has difficulty digesting. The cheese is not just regular cheese because it is made with various amounts of ingredients that sound like it’s been created in a science lab. The beef patty, which in the video was not changed by the molten copper, has to be USDA approved. McDonald’s advertises their beef as 100% pure but it doesn’t have to be according to the USDA it has to have a certain percentage of meat. The pickles and shredded lettuce are made up of all different food coloring and chemical sounding ingredients.

I could go on and on by listing the ingredients and convincing you how bad this food item is to consume into your body, but I am a fellow McDonald’s customer and I know that even though you might be disgusted by big macs there are items on the food menu that people are drawn to. McDonald’s is one of those restaurants where the customers do not care what the quality of the products is because it is thrown in their faces time and time again and people continue to eat it. I hope that if molten copper can’t break down a big mac that people will decide to stop ordering it off of the menu.


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  1. Erin Kelly

    This is the coolest and most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. I want to see this trick on other fast food items as well. One of my favorite type of documentary is one about fast food chains, so I’m surprised I haven’t seen this yet! Have you seen Supersize Me? Along with being depressing, it shows a man actually fall apart after trying to live off this stuff.

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