The four years that a person spends in high school might be the most important in regards to gaining some self-confidence. You are constantly going through the phase of self judgement, hoping to make yourself look the best while avoiding people constantly judging you. Something that seems to cause the most psychological problem for any teenager is the dealing with the effects of acne. Sometimes it gets to the point where you feel like you can’t control of it, making it feel like you have lost all hope. You start to think that people are judging you and become self-conscious. All of this starts to build up on top of each other and it starts affecting you as a person in so many ways. So is there actually any psychological effects that come along with acne.


The development of acne on the body and especially on the face of a teenager is going to negatively affect them in so many ways. Just simply going in public is hard for one that is self-conscious about their looks and fearing that they are going to be constantly judged and criticized. Everything begins to pile on top of each other, they begin to change how they look because they start to lose confidence. Someone who didn’t have long hair before might let it grow out a little because they want to cover up there face. In addition, people begin to avoid social situations where there are going to be a lot of people in one place. Who knows why, but teenagers have a tendency to overact and cause big scenes about the smallest things ever. They feel the need to prove to everyone else that they are better than everyone else and they can say what they want. For the kid who is dealing with the problem of not being comfortable with themselves, this can be the start of things to go downhill for them. You hear on the news about the sad stories of kids getting bullied to the point where they are committing suicide, with a lot of the times solely based on criticism that they are getting from other people.


psych1 As teenagers once you feel the effects of the criticism from people, this is going to directly going to impact how you to in school, and ultimately affecting your future. If someone feels self-conscious about how they look because of their acne, they might see themselves not having the motivation of going to school. They don’t want to deal with what would happen during their day and they feel better staying home. Because of this they will begin to fall behind in their work and they can lead to them failing their classes. Once they have sunken this deep, they are going to have a difficult time digging themselves out and who knows this could have a significant impact on getting into college. Everything seems to be a mental game, all stemming from simple things like acne on the face. And teenagers aren’t the only ones that are being affected by things like this, adults who are still worried about their self-appearance, which could lead to them failing behind in their job, ultimately effecting their families if they get fired.


It’s simple things like this that you would never expect to have a correlation, but in reality if you think about it, it makes sense. People are always thinking of the best ways to improve their appearance and avoid criticism in anyway, and when there seems to be a bit of criticism it plays games with them in the head. What also was surprising being the fact that they had clinical groups that talk about the psychological problems related to acne(List of Groups Here). After all the readings about whether there is a connection between acne and psychological problems, it’s safe to say that there is a correlation between the two. So many people go through these problems because they are worried about their appearance, and everything eventually gets to their mind and becomes a bigger deal then it really should be.

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