The Art of Pimple Popping

While I was searching for a topic to write about, I realized that beauty and cosmetics interests me the most. For the most part, my skin is pretty clear other than an occasional pimple here and there. A lot of my friends have struggled with acne and tried cleanses, cleaners, diet changes, medicine, and popping them. I cringe whenever I see my friends pick at their face and pop their zits because I was taught by my mom to “let them run their course” and they will go away in no time. I listened to her and I like to think that not picking at my face keeps it pretty clear.¬†What is the best way to pop pimples? Does popping pimples spread acne?

According to an article by Bustle, there is a correct and incorrect way to pop pimples. The best way to get rid of acne is to NOT pop the zit, but if need be, you should do it the right way. The incorrect way is to squeeze the shit out of the acne – that is the easiest way to get an acne scar and spread bacteria everywhere. Steaming your face before popping pimples can help open everything up and make the matter come out easier. A sterile needle (instead of dirty fingernails) can be poked into the zit sideways and pulled up so everything inside will come out and no scar will be made.

An article called Facing Acne breaks down what a pimple is. A pimple is an inflamed pore, and popping will make it worse no matter what. Squeezing a zit can cause bacteria to get pushed back further into the skin, which can turn the pimple into a cyst. There are no benefits of squeezing pimples. Pore layers that fight off bacteria can get damaged once the popping starts. Inflammation can come from this, so the zit will look worse than it did in the beginning, and it is possible that the acne spreads.

Popping pimples has always grossed me out because nails are filled with dirt and bacteria, which is getting trapped into your skin as soon as you start squeezing a zit. This can especially be damaging for those pimples that are forming but too early to pop – submerging them with bacteria before they’re completely formed can make them 10x worse. According to, open pores are more susceptible to becoming zits during the process of popping. The oozing substance that comes from zits can spread very easily, clogging pores with even more bacteria.

I have found that letting a zit run its course is always more effective than popping pimples. The last thing I want is more pimples or acne scars, so keeping your bacteria filled finger nails off the pimple and continuing a normal face wash, moisturizing, and make up routine can be the most efficient way to get rid of a pimple.

Stay away from popping pimples, but if you must – steaming your face and using a sterile needle is the way to go.


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  1. Lauren Eve Ribeiro

    I agree that if you are going to pop a pimple it is always best to do it the right and sterile way. However, you say that popping a pimple is never good and it will in most case always make it worse. In most cases usually when the white is large enough and ready to be popped, popping it can flatten it, making it easier to be covered up by makeup. I am curious to know what certain foods can be bad for your skin, causing more pimples.

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