Vacations keep you healthy

I can’t be the only person that loves vacations. There is nothing like laying on a beach and having no responsibilities. Or exploring new places and discovering the history and events that took place there. Now there is an excuse to get away, studies have found that traveling is good for your health.

The L.A. Times describes a study done by the U.S. Travel Association which shares the benefits of travel. The study found that women who vacation annually, or even more than once a year have decreased risk of heart attacks or heart related health issues. Women aren’t the only people who benefit from taking a vacation, men also were found to have health benefits from traveling. The same study found that men who did not travel were more likely to die from a young age, especially from a heart related disease. The reason why the heart benefits so much from vacations is the newfound relaxation and lowering of stress is found to prevent heart attacks and lower cholesterol. Along with this, U.S. News adds that travel also is also healthy for you physically. Depending on the destination of your trip, exercise is a key part of the vacation. When I went to South Dakota (I know, weird location for a vacation) we spent the majority of our time hiking or swimming. By the end of the vacation I was in great shape. Trips like these extremely beneficial to the body because it is exercising without even realizing it. I was so interested in exploring what was around me that I didn’t even notice I was exercising.

So next time you are trying to convince your parents to take a vacation and they tell you its too expensive, fill them in on the positive effects that come along with taking  vacation.

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