Violence and Video games

Growing up, I think it would be safe to assume that a majority of us played with some kind of video game. Video games are fun, they are easy to operate, and of course they are an escape from reality. Over the years I have encountered many parents or even kids tell me that video games are bad, because of the effect it has on the person playing it. I wanted to truly examine if they are as bad as people claim they are and offer my opinion from my experiences in this blog post. First off I would like to start of by saying that in my personal opinion, It is the player playing the game, not the game that shapes what him/her does outside of the video game. I relate video games beliefs with my gun beliefs, it is on the hands or responsibility of the person in charge, not the object.

The supreme court actually made the decision that video games could not be banned, we know this from the famous case of Brown vs. Entertainment merchants association. Violent video games allow for the release of anger in my opinion, think of video games as a release from reality, it is your vacation. Some people have linked violence to video games, the one person is playing video games, they are actually detracting from the claim that video games cause violence or murder.Various claims have been made in terms of video games being “bad” and having negative affects on the person that is playing the game.
The first argument against that video game influence violence is that “the military uses video games for tactics and killing”. Well to dispute this, 10 year olds are playing Halo to have fun, they are not using it to kill their friends at the park. The Military in America is more than likely the most disciplined group of men and women in the world. The next claim that video games are bad comes from violence against women, many believe that women are being itemized in video games and this why we have domestic abuses against woman. This is totally absurd, many games actually encourage women to play, by having a leading woman role character. The final claim is that we evolve into the person we are playing as. I personally do no think that I am emulating a marine sniper when I play Call of Duty, that is just my opinion though.
Benefits of playing video games are amazing. It was actually found that video games can truly slow the aging process. A group of 681 contestants who are 50 years or older were asked to play video games for 2 hours everyday for a week. From this, it slowed the natural decline of cognitive skills. I always found out that Call of Duty can improve one’s eye vision. While looking for the bad guys in Call Of Duty, it can improve your eye sight. We know this from a case done in 2009.

To sum the entirety of the blog post up, I am saying that video games are not as bad as parents say they are. We have learned that there is actually various benefits to playing games. I think it is unfair when parents claim that their kids show violence acts due to video games, because it is on the parents or the kid.


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  1. Joe Garrett

    I have been playing video games throughout my entire life and I have never agreed with the idea that playing violent video games can cause someone to become violent or commit violent acts. I also agree that it is the person, not the video game, which is causing violence. Just because someone plays a violent video game does not mean they will be more likely to commit violent acts. I believe this post could have been more convincing if you had included a link to a study such as this one that says there is no link between videogames and agressive behavior from children –

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