Why do we get songs stuck in our heads?!

I listen to music about 24/7. I just love dancing and singing to it. Unfortunately I will be singing these same tunes for the rest of the week. Is it the beat that draws us in, or the voices that we cant forget?

I found this interesting article pretty much talking about this concept. Chau TuĀ , from the blogpost, “Why do we get songs stuck in our head?” she talks about how when we cant forget a song, its like we have an earworm inside our head. This is pretty much the 8 second catchy tune that we just cant forget. a study showed that 91% of people had a song stuck in their heads once a week. Some had the song, or earworm, stuck in their head once a day. (One song a day). The reason for how or why they get stuck in our ears are still unknown. Scientifically it is very hard to track. It does have to do with something in our brain called a brain’s motor cortex. It goes through a lot of activity when our head plays a song.

My questions is, could this be a false positive?
Could we just be making a big deal about thinking about a song in our head? Personally, I like replaying songs in my head. What if the only reason we remember it so well, is because we played it so many times. That would be the reason we remember it so well right?

I would want to conduct an experiment where we give about 100 people 5 songs to listenĀ to. They have to listen to these songs for about an hour. I want to see which kids would remember what songs? Maybe these music technicians have a way of putting their beats together that make us remember it for a reason, (that lets them going all the way to the bank haha). If one song stands out the most, I would ask everyone why they liked it so much. Maybe it was just that they liked the singer, the beats, or they connected with it emotionally. I mean if we seriously think about the big picture, if there is a catchy hit, the people who made that song can make a lot of bank!

What do you guys think about this topic?
Do you think there could be another factor that plays into all of this?

Here is the link: http://Why do we get songs stuck in our head?

4 thoughts on “Why do we get songs stuck in our heads?!

  1. Casey Andrew Schaum

    Great post! I am a fellow music lover myself. I never thought about the fact that songs could get stuck in our heads because we hear them so much. When a hit song comes out, everybody seems to play it. The song will sometimes get stuck in my head even if I don’t like it. I wonder what part our memory plays when we get a song stuck in our head? One thing I usually do when I get a song stuck in my head is listen to the song. That usually gets me to stop thinking about it. I aIso wonder if listening to the song might increase the chance of it getting stuck in my head again. Here’s a cool article that I found that talks potential reasons songs get stuck in our head and also talks about earworms. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/earworms-why-songs-get-stuck-in-your-head/ . I never would have thought so much went into a song getting stuck into your head!

  2. Allison Maria Magee

    This post is very relatable to me because I constantly have some song stuck in my head. I think a great deal of the reasoning behind this is the catchy toons that are always playing on the radio now-a-days. When listening to a popular radio station, I find it extremely easy for these songs to get stuck in my head for the rest of the day. This link describes another abstract to what sounds like another interesting study on earworms: http://pom.sagepub.com/content/40/3/259.short
    What do you think determines what song gets stuck in your head? After all, you are probably listening to many songs in a row. What makes that one song stick out for the rest of the day?

  3. Robert McCarthy

    Funny to read this as I had a song stuck in my head the other day, however this was a particularly special case as it was a song whose name I didn’t know and couldn’t find. It was a song that you would typically hear in a frat house, so few lyrics to the actual song and most of it is only identifiable by the beat. As you can imagine, trying to replicate the song to get an identification from my friends was frustrating as most of them had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently this has to do with the same reason that your voice sounds weird when recorded and played back, your friends are hearing a different noise in their head. Your inner ear is picking up on the vibrations in your head as you make sound, and this results in your voice sounding different to you. So even though your recreation of a song may sound the same, to your friends it really sounds like a crazy person mumbling. Source: http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/why-does-my-voice-sound-different-on-a-recording

  4. Patrick Ryan

    I like this post a lot. I hate getting a song stuck in my head but even worse I hate just getting the beat of the song in my head and I can’t even remember the words…it just drives me nuts. I like how you related what we have learned in class to this blog, for example how you talked about it being a possibility of a false positive. Here is an article I found on tips of getting the song stuck in your head OUT…https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/women-who-stray/201505/5-steps-finally-get-song-out-your-head

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