Why does the body react to Peppers?

Have you ever had a chicken wing so hot that it put you in tears? I have. But my it turns out that sometimes the crying isn’t just melodrama. Apparently there is a pepper that is so hot that it can actually rip parts of your throat.

The ghost pepper is the world’s hottest pepper. It is so hot that if the wrong amount is eaten in too little time, it can kill you. It’s a pepper that is intense upon first eating it, but slowly causes more pain with time.

ghost picture source

Within the Ghost pepper is a high amount of what is called capsaicin. This substance does not react well with the body causes mucus glands to react quickly and intensely. This is why some spicy food help with a runny nose. The reason there is pain is because the brain can not differentiate well between heat (as in actual temperature) and then effects of capsaicin. So essentially your brain thinks that your mouth is on fire when really it’s just the capsaicin reacting with pain receptors. source

One case was so bad that a man ended up with a torn esophagus. In conclusion, it would be wise to avoid this pepper or at least have it in moderation. source

3 thoughts on “Why does the body react to Peppers?

  1. Patrick Ryan

    I love spicy food but nothing that hot. I had no idea of why its actually hard to eat foods that hot. You did a good job of summarizing the key points of a bodies reaction to those types of foods. At some buffalo wing restaurants, I always see these challenges for if you can eat the hottest wings you get something in return. Here is an article talking about the wing challenge at buffalo wild wings…http://www.fromaway.com/observations/the-blazin-wing-challenge-at-buffalo-wild-wings-a-photostory

  2. Samantha Liebensohn

    This post was short and sweet and made it easy to detect the main points. I never knew that that was the reason it feels like our mouth is on fire. When I eat really spicy foods my nose always runs and I always wondered why. Now i know it’s because of capsaicin. Here’s a video of adults reacting to eating spicy foods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfulyX2IFFc

  3. Wencong Wang

    Hi Jackie! I really enjoy to read your post. It is really fun to read. I have the same experience that when I eat uncooked onion, I usually will cry, and I think everyone had ate uncooked onion has the same experience. I definitely know there are some substance in onion in it. But I never go online and search it, your post makes me want to search it. Because it is a very fun part of life, it is really fun to find out some unusual phenomena happens in your life. Here is the article I found that why onion makes people cry. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2016/06/22/482032913/the-science-of-why-onions-make-us-cry
    It is because when you eat onion it release a certain gas that gas intereact with your eyes, and it will make you cry. It is really fun right? Hope you like that!

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