Attractiveness & Face Symmetry

Have you ever wondered what qualifies a person to be attractive? In our society, there are various celebrities that a majority of people regard as attractive. We even see this on a more down-to-earth scale among our peers. There is always that one girl, or boy that you and your group of friends can undoubtedly label as attractive. Shockingly enough, there is a science behind what makes someone attractive. This is explained by facial symmetry.

Many believe that attractiveness relies on the proportional size of one’s facial features. The truth is that humans are attracted to facial symmetry . This means the more symmetric the left, and right sides of one’s face is the more likely they are to attract others. Mirror images of both sides can be generated to compare their similarities.

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To prove this theory a study  was carried out involving toddlers. A computer system generated images of faces. Both “unattractive”, or non-symmetric, and “attractive”, or symmetric, faces were created. It was found that the toddlers tended to allot more time staring at the “attractive” faces, rather than the non-symmetric ones. These results lead researchers to believe there is some correlation between attractiveness and symmetry, as toddlers served as unbiased participants.

In terms of finding a partner, there are other qualities to be considered in addition to just facial symmetry. Psychologist note that there five laws of attraction. Number one, is physical attraction, which can be attributed to symmetry. Number two is emotional connection. This means that you are more likely to be attracted to someone with whom you can connect with on a deeper level that exceeds just what you are attracted to one the exterior. Number three is proximity, which merely means you are more attracted to individuals you are likely to come in contact with. Number four, a consequence of proximity, is familiarity. This means the more familiar you become with a person, the deeper your attraction will grow. Lastly, number five is similarity. This one is fairly obvious, as we are going to naturally gravitate those who share similar attitudes, aspirations, and motivations as ourselves.

As you can see there are many factors that contribute to the perceived attractiveness of a person. In all of my findings, the best piece of advice I have discovered was to simply be yourself! Personally I feel as though, authenticity is the most attractive trait someone can possess.

4 thoughts on “Attractiveness & Face Symmetry

  1. Brett Alan Merritt

    I really like this post because it relates to a story about my friend. He was trying to pump me up to go talk to this girl, and he said “you have a very symmetrical face, she’ll find you attractive!”. I laughed in his face and did not think he had any basis behind what he was saying. I’m glad I read this post because it made me realize there is a science behind being attractive. Also, I would recommend looking up how symmetrical some celebrities faces are. My friend showed me before and it really ties into this blog well.

  2. Bernarda Jarrin Alvear

    Darby, this was a very interesting post. I have heard about this before. In my art class my teacher has mentioned how we as humans tend to like symmetry and have a tendency to like some types of objects better than others such as circles. I found a blog that further explains. Furthermore, I was wondering what other characteristics made people seem more attractive or why does this happen? I found another study that goes deeper into facial attractiveness. It actually talks about how other factors, aside from symmetry, make the perception of a person think of another as an appealing one. Some of this factors include how the face you see is similar to the ones we have seen before and sexual characteristics that could show maturity such as cheek bones.

  3. Claudia Lynn Hatch

    The science behind this is very interesting. However I don’t agree with it. I agree with your last statement. I just don’t think that there is a science behind what we find attractive. I know that people have a preference to what they find attractive and we all have our “types” but I think it really just depends on who we are feeling and the personality of the person. I think everyone needs to be themselves too and that we just need to find a person that makes us happy and treats us well.

  4. Arunima Sthapak

    Wow, your article really caught my attention. I have always felt that it is hard to quantify or define attractiveness. I believed that everyone has their own specific taste, but after reading your article I can see how it in fact can be measured. I also found this video on youtube which is very interesting. It shows beauty standards across the world and groups our tastes based on our communities. I think the environment that we are most often exposed to also has a big hand in changing our perceptions on attractiveness.

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