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Bacon… One of the most popular food choice in America it has hit main stream you see it everywhere clothes, video games, wallpaper you just can’t seem to get away from it. But whats the science behind it?


According to AICR eNews¬†bacon is a processed meat so it has a lot of sodium, cholesterol and added chemicals. With all this in mind processed meat is linked to cancer and other heart diseases. Researchers have yet to find any hard evidence or “mechanism” to link it to cancer but when they do studies they know its not due to chance. Now this does not mean you have to give it up but try to make the healthy decision, if you eat processed meat like bacon in moderation or less then you’ll be fine.


According to WebMD¬†they say about an ounce should satisfy your body. There are also other choices you can choose beside fruits and vegetables. Turkey bacon is usually the go to the only thing they don’t recommend is sausage cause that is really bad for you even worst then bacon. The calories that come from bacon is mostly from the fatty portion.

Heres a video talking about the smell of bacon saying why people love the smell its these organic compounds that makes bacon smell good. I just thought this was interesting on how much is put into bacon to get the smell and causes a joy to your brain.


6 thoughts on “Bacon Bacon

  1. Liz Galante

    This blog was interesting to me because bacon has always been a food that I wish I can like but just can’t. I can’t fathom putting a “pig” into my mouth and the background as to what makes it taste so good. Its evident that bacon is definitely not something to eat when you’re aiming for something heathy but I never took into consideration how unhealthy it actually was. Im actually happy I don’t eat it!

  2. Emma Gaetana Lepore

    People always think it’s so weird that I was never really much of a bacon fan. It’s one of those things where I’ll have it when it’s there, but I would never order it or cook it on my own. However, when I do eat it, i prefer it flimsier rather than crunchy. I wonder if cooking it less makes it more or less healthy for you. Technically you would be frying it less so it would be saturated with less oil, but on the other hand less fat would cook out and you could accidentally consume uncooked meat if it didn’t get enough heat. I am so beyond uneducated when it comes to cooking bacon….so here’s a walk through on how to cook it properly:

    1. Jaier Vicente Avecillas Post author

      Thanks, Im not a huge bacon consumer, I don’t know why it became a mainstream thing either. I try to eat healthy whenever I can. But if anyone wants to explain to me why its mainstream that would be cool.

  3. Sarah Toyos

    Wow I knew it wasn’t the healthiest thing for me but now I can for sure know. I defiantly will cut back the about of bacon I eat and think next time I got for the bacon and breakfast.

  4. Ryan Eric Freeman

    I am currently making bacon while reading this so i had to comment on it because… who doesn’t like bacon ! I read your blog and it stated that turkey back was a healthier choice and a go to as healthier alternative for pork bacon or in other words…. normal BACON. A interesting fact about this situation is the fact that turkey bacon is pretty similar to pork bacon and both have pros and cons over one another. According to this article:, Pork bacon consist of around 25 calories more than turkey bacon. But… pork bacon has more protein than turkey bacon so which one is truly better turkey bacon or normal pork bacon?

  5. Madelyn Erin Peikin

    I always knew bacon was not the healthiest choice. Somehow, this doesn’t stop me from eating it at least once a week with my breakfast. There is something too good about it to give it up, and I can’t bring myself to ever replace it with anything. After reading this article, however, I might lessen my intake of bacon by a little. I’m sure it is negatively affecting my health and that is the last thing I want! Thanks for sharing!

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