BMW’s Self Balancing Bike

bmw next100 motorcycle angle

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BMW has currently been working on a safer motorcycle. Motorcycles are socially looked at as dangerous, unnecessary, and for rebels. BMW wants to change this stereotype and make motorcycles that are more resistant to falling over. The bike has self-balancing wheels, so when at a stop light or stop sign, the operator doesn’t need to put their feet down to keep the bike upright. The bike does still have a kickstand though for when the motorcycle is turned off. The bike is fully equipped with senors so that it can detect other cars, therefor, avoiding accidents.  BMW also claims that riders wouldn’t need to wear a helmet. BMW says that instead of a helmet, they will wear a visor with a head-up display with vital information. In my opinion, I don’t think that this will be coming out any time soon. Our world isn’t ready to make this drastic of a change. Also, the technology for this is extremely new, so that means it very temperamental and untrustworthy if given to the hand of the public. For this invention to work, the bike would essentially need to be made fool proof.

Even though this is just considered a concept vehicle, it means that they are thinking about more futuristic technology. This is something we do need to be skeptical of because new technology is typically very temperamental. I think that this would need to go through a lot more development and it would need to wait at least ten years before it was released to the public.


6 thoughts on “BMW’s Self Balancing Bike

  1. Wendy Sun

    I never knew BMW had such a project in the works. This was eye opening. Eventually we will all have automatically driving cars and such too? I think creating this vehicle will lower the rate of fatal car accidents by a lot because most fatal car accidents are motorcycle related. I’m glad that a solution is on its way. However, I did wish you touched upon how the bike actually manages to balance. Does it use a similar technology that a Segway uses to balance? Segways aren’t fall-proof so BMW will have to think of something even better. Heres a cool video I found explaining how Segways work.

  2. William Joseph Robbins-cole

    This blog is showcasing one of the many ways that the motor industries have been improving at a rapid rate. With this new addition we are currently on the cusp of a self driving car and a self balancing motorcycle. All of these improvements to technology are coming so soon after the introduction of teslas to the market. Here are a list of the hot new cars set to come out within the next 4 years.

  3. Hannah Elizabeth Welty

    This is awesome. I have always wanted a crotch rocket personally, but even though my dad has rode all his life he’s never been comfortable with me riding. Maybe new safer technology would change his mind. These aren’t necessarily “safer” ways to ride but more efficient and definitely COOLER

  4. Daniel William Snyder

    I enjoyed this article because i am definitely a fan of motorcycles and cars and I love learning about new technologies going into them. I think this would be an amazing thing to see, but I agree and don’t think we’ll see this for some time. However, hopefully we do see it on the streets one day with hover cars or cars not powered by gas not too far behind it. I thought this article about possible hover cars was very cool!

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