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Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia also known as Brain Freeze has been something we’ve all experienced in our lives. Have you ever wondered why is phenomenon happens? Read this vlog post and you’ll know why.

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There are two main arteries that are in the back of our mouth, the internal curated artery, and the anterior cerebral artery. The internal curated is responsible for the blood that flows to your brain. The anterior cerebral artery is an artery that is right below were your brain tissue begins. Normal the internal curated artery and the anterior cerebral artery are very warm sitting in the back of your mouth. Eating food like ice cream and frozen yogurt at a normal speed will not give you a brain freeze, but eat it really fast and that’s when the brain freeze comes into play. Similar process happens with animals when they get cold food too fast. Cats getting brain freeze .

Eating ice cream and other cold food fast makes the temperature in the back of your mouth cool down in a dramatic fashion. When the temperature in the internal curated artery and the anterior cerebral artery drop that fast, it causes your brain to go into a cold state of shock. The brain reacts like this because it thinks you are trying to freeze it, so you get the cold painful sensation going through your head.

Stopping a brain freeze once it happens is pretty simple. You get the brain freeze because of the dramatic drop in temperature were the internal curated artery and the anterior cerebral artery are located. To stop the brain freeze twist your tongue to the back of your mouth. When you do that your warm tongue warms up your internal curated artery and the anterior cerebral artery, so the area warms up and the brain freeze stops.

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  1. gcm5149

    I thought it was interesting to read the science behind brain freezes. I’m sure everyone has experienced this phenomena at least once so this is relatable. I did further research and I found that people that get migraines often are more susceptible to brain freezes. I could believe it but then the article said that they did a study that found the complete opposite result. Interestingly enough. some people that they asked said ice cream helps with their migraines.

    Here’s the article:

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