Cheating lesson part 1

Cheating Lesson Part 1 talks about the different forms of cheating. James M. Lang  uses Behavioral theorist Dan Ariely’s research on cheating and Princess Alice as examples to emphasize the amount of cheating that goes on . The article also gives great insight on who cheats , their reasoning for cheating, and elaborates ways they can reduce the amount of cheating that happens. For example, he talks about students who cheat in colleges. He goes into detail about why the students cheat, because of “the structure of the learning environment”  such as the curriculum requirements. He then protest  how not  only teachers but students too  can minimize cheating , by focusing more on the learning environment. In other words, teachers and students should have a better relationship with each other, the rigor of the curriculum should be somewhat more manageable, and the amount of testing and assignments given should be a more generous number. These changes should be very effective Lang proclaims.

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