Cheating lesson part 3

Cheating lesson part 3 correlates with cheating lesson part 2. In this article the author uses a Columbia University student who is doing research on cheating as more evidence to why there should be more quizzes. Columbia student William J Bowers used a survey to see how many college students have cheated at least once in college . The results showed that 75 percent of college students admitted to cheating at least once.  Author James M. Lang suggested that in order to reduce that number teachers should give students multiple quizzes on the topic that they are learning. He insist that not only will this reduce the amount of cheating but will also help the students learn something. Being the fact that students repeatedly read over there notes it negates them from actually learning and or remembering what they studied after they took the test. Adding more quizzes can be another and more interesting way for students to study besides reading over their notes. The authors protest that a teacher who only gives 3 total exams can put pressure on the student which would cause them to cheat because the stakes are so high. Which is why he insist on there being more quizzes.

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