does using your cellphone cause cancer?

If you are a girl I can assume you have put your phone in your bra as a storage place at least once. There have been many stories on sites saying it does cause cancer and some websites saying it does not cause cancer. The site I will like to take the side on suggests that there is not a direct link between the two but cellphone radiation in itself is a bad thing that may harm the body. On it says that since there is not a huge amount of radiation there is no way for it to actually tarnish the DNA.  There was a study that was done on rats to see if it even goes as far as to cause brain tumors. In it said that there was an increased risk of tumors in actually the male rats but with the female rats there was nothing wrong with them. The male rats after being exposed to the radiation were at risk. One thing to note though was that the rats were exposed at 9 hours a day. On the website it says this is higher but not accurate for humans since humans do not spend that much time on the phone talking. I believe that is not true. There are people that will not hang up the phone and are always talking on the phone for more than 9 hours a day. I myself can say at one point I was on the phone for at least 13 hours. There were new findings to say that though it was not linked to cancer that the brain on the side the person held up the phone released more glucose than the other side that was not used.  There was a study that went on for 13 years testing whether people with brain tumors was cellphones the cause and people without brain tumors and it found that it does not cause cancer. It is relieving to know it does not cause cancer but it is alarming to read that there may be other things that cellphones are doing to our bodies. Does this make you want to use your phone less? Maybe or maybe not. This is something that my generation is not paying attention to though it should be brought to our awareness.

2 thoughts on “does using your cellphone cause cancer?

  1. Imaani Allen

    I have always wanted to know if my cell phone use was hurting my body. I know that there have been numerous studies done where scientist kept saying that frequent cell phone use can lead to tumors within the brian. That’s why doctos recommended that people put their phone on speaker or use bluetooth. I don’t know I am still on the fence as of wether or not it actually causes cancer.

  2. Patrick Ryan

    That’s an interesting question to ask because everybody today mainly has a cell phone and if there is a direct link between cell phones and cancer, then well that would suck. It does say that there is only little harmful radiation coming, but we have seen delayed factors before. For example, in class we learned there was about 20 years between the start of smoking for so many people and the link to lung cancer. Odds are, cell phones are safe but with other products, a delayed understanding of problems could occur.

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