Eyes get sun burnt

During the summer, the sun is blazing, people are spending time at the beach, outdoors and getting tan. But one important thing people don’t think about when they put on sunscreen is to wear glasses as well to protect them from the suns UVA and UVB radiation. Yes, your eyes can get sunburnt. Even on cloudy days, the reflection of light and UVA radiation is still powerful enough to cause sun damaged eyes. Failure to wear sunglasses or allow sun damage to the eyes can cause cataracts and possibly blindness in the long run.unknown-3


  • Itchy
  • Irritated
  • Red
  • Dry
  • Gritty

A recent study done by the vision councils website, only thirty one percent of people are aware that their eyes can get sunburnt. In just fifteen minutes of of raw eye exposure, damage could occur. This is remarkable and there is only one way to prevent this and that is by wearing sun glasses.

Although it may seem obvious that some eye conditions are caused by the sun, it is not alway easy to blame the cause on one single variable. There are many confounding variables involved with research on eye issues. Since many eye diseases can have multiple causing factors, like genetics, medications ect, there are many potential confounding variables. Many people swear to themselves that their eyes have never been sunburnt and they may be right. Since many people live in colder environments or days when it is cloudy out, it could be hard to convince them that they should still be wearing sun glasses because it could seem over pre-cautious and they may not look “cool.” According to the American Scientist Society, during cloudy  conditions, eighty percent of the radiation that causes harmful effects to our body still reach through to the surface. unknown-5

Null Hypothesis: sun can not cause damage to the eyes on cloudy days.

Alternative Hypothesis: Sun can cause damage to the eyes if its cloudy.

Using evidence and some common sense, it is definitely the best option to reject the null and accept the alternative hypothesis. With this being said, there could be a high probability that clouds don’t significantly lower any risk of eye damage. One prime example that shows weather does not have an effect on sun damage is mountain goers. For instance, in the dead winter months people go snow boarding and skiing in places like Colorado and Utah every year, the very last thing people think about as they ascend up a mountain is if they put on sunscreen or to protect their eyes fromunknown-4 dangerous sun rays. It might sound stupid to think about, but you still put yourself at risk of sun damage, especially at higher altitudes, regardless if its cold out.

Even though it may seem common sense like to conclude that sun exposure causes damage to the eyes, many people overlook this thought and don’t take precautions like wearing sunglasses  especially just because it is cold or cloudy out.

3 thoughts on “Eyes get sun burnt

  1. Benjamin R Tuohey

    Going to the beach a lot in the summer and just enjoying being outside, this worries me a little bit. I had no idea that your eyes could get sunburnt. I had one time where my eye lids got sunburnt but thats the closest Ive ever been to having my eyes sunburnt. I will definitely take into consideration how serious this is and for the fact that your eyes can get sunburnt when it is cold and not necessarily summer.

  2. Zachariah Watkins

    I think as someone who is not from the North, I am from Georgia, it is funny how bad I actually get wind burnt during the winter. So in my mind it actually makes a lot of sense for people to get sun burnt even on those cloudy days. However I did not realize that you can get sun burnt eyes which is indeed very scary and actually makes me happy I wear glasses every day or I might not have goods, not that my eyes are any good now but it could be worse. Great post and I only have one question do you believe there is a correlation between where you are from and how you protect yourself against the sun? here is a good article regarding all types of sun burns.


  3. Cole Donald Rogers

    Being an avid snowboarder I am constantly worried about getting sunburnt on my face as I seen it happen many times to my friends. I have never heard of getting sunburned on your eyes though, and I am terrified now. I could not imagine that happening to me or someone else but I will be sure to take precautionary actions so it does not happen to me. It is remarkable to think something so odd could happen that fast, but I have found some information that may help you prevent or treat this had you had the misfortune of getting it. Here is an article that lists some precautionary steps to stay away from sunburnt eyes:
    Symptoms of Sunburned Eyes and Its Home Treatments

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