Formation of Sahara Desert

As most people know, Sahara Desert is one of the first ten biggest deserts in the world. When people think of desert, high temperature and dry air would probably become the first two phrases come to mind. And then I got interested in how does the desert came from.

Sahara desert, located in the Morocco, is the place that consists of the abundant sunshine and serious natural situation which means it is extraordinary for animals or plants to live. However, to discover the mysterious desert, many scientists and travelers come to visit the challenges. Through the research, scientist describes that the Sahara desert consists the lowest temperature in high altitude and the highest temperature in low altitude. And the difference of temperature between day and night is huge. Also the rivers coming from outside the Sahara desert made up the underground water or surface water. Even though the desert includes harsh conditions, it still provides us the precious gift, like the mineral resources including petroleum.
Nowadays, researchers still insist on discovering the formation principle of the Sahara desert. One of the reasons is influenced by the geography feature. Since Sahara desert mostly covers the flat ground, it is easier to form a desert. In this case, the null hypothesis would be the formation of the Sahara desert is not influenced by landscape features. And the alternative hypothesis would be the formation of the Sahara desert is influenced by landscape features. Based on the limited scientific technology, Sahara desert still needs more knowledge to be discovered.

Desert as one of the mysterious existence provides us diverse information about the nature and even human beings’ source. It shows a totally different place that we cannot even experience in our regular residential area. But there are still some people live near the Sahara Desert in the assistance for a special animal living in a desert called camel.
Camel, a famous transportation in desert, consists small head, wide neck and brown fur on the huge body. Due to the special body function, camels usually can stay alive in a month without food and a week without water. This feature helps them to become one of the major animals through a desert area.

In conclusion, through the mysterious nature, there is always something we do not know or do not experience before. Even though it still needs more discovering in the future, the answer will come out one day through the challenging and hard working.


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