Global Warming, Denied.

I think its amazing that there are people out there that still deny climate change. GOP candidate for president, Donald Trump, has consistently denied global warming, claiming one time that the weather was fine! he also said it was a Chinese hoax! his rallies are packed with people who believe the same thing. denying what 99% of scientists confirm is not a historical precedent. We forget that people denied the earth was round. when someone challenged the concept of flat earth, they were persecuted by the church and by authorities at the time. it is completely normal to deny a phenomenon especially when people cant the effects of it right away.

almost every scientific discovery throughout history was denied, questioned, and scientists often risked their security (sometimes life) for what he or she believed in. Global warming is a inconvenience to say the least to many corporations who like the way it is at the moment.

by corporations I mean gas and oil sector, especially shale, manufacturing industry and coal. in fact, I would go beyond that, Global warming is a threat to the livelihood of these companies. so it is in their interest to promote people who deny it of heavily question it. but like every historical discovery, and especially one with this magnitude, everyone will come around eventually. the steps usually begin from flat out denying to persecution to accusation to partial belief and finally to accept it. notice that climate change deniers are usually over the age of 50 or 60. which is borderline selfish. global warming is an existential threat to the next generation, and older people must understand that if they want their grandchildren to inherit the same earth they did, they need to start making changes, and quickly.

3 thoughts on “Global Warming, Denied.

  1. Sean Patrick Hickey

    As a conservative and someone who believes in global warming and thinks we need to do something about it, I can’t understand why anyone denies climate change anymore. There is so much evidence out now that it is happening, to deny it seems like willful ignorance. I also hope that more conservative politicians will start to act on climate change instead of denying it or acknowledging it but doing nothing about it. So many of the conservative politicians who I think would be great leaders of this country don’t have a plan for global warming and that is concerning for our future. And for anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change, , this is evidence from one of if not the most reliable source in the world about how and why climate change is happening.

  2. cmt5658

    I completely agree it is preposterous that people still deny global warming all thought so much scientific evidences proves it’s existence. I also cannot even begin to understand how Donald Trump could call it a Chinese Hoax. While I think you have a good beginning blog post with a strong idea, too further or advance this, you may want to include the actual science behind global warming. This science article ( gives great evidence on the causes of Global warming.

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