Health Benefits of Dancing

Dance has been a huge part of my life since the age of three. No matter what type of dancing it was, I always knew that it was something I wanted to pursue in the future. Dancing not only kept me fit and healthy, but it overall made me happy. Scientists and researchers have conducted many studies to find the health benefits of dancing, whether competitive or just for fun.

In an article written by Scott Edwards from Harvard Medical School, he shares that many regions of the brain are triggered when dancing, which includes the motor cortex and cerebellum. With its requirement of mental exertion and attention to fine details, dancing is proven to improve memory, hand-eye coordination, and other movements and motor skills (Edwards).

In addition, dance can reduce the risk of health problems and diseases later in life. This article discusses the findings of a study performed by the New England Journal of Medicine, which found that dance was the only activity that reduced the risk of developing dementia. Dance has been used in studies for other diseases as well, such as Parkinson’s disease – a disorder in the nervous system that usually causes movement trouble (Mayo Clinic). Dance was proven useful as a therapy mechanism for patients with Parkinson’s disease. It’s exercise components and movement was proven to relieve the symptoms of the disease, which includes stiffness in the muscles and lack of balance (Edwards).

Further research proved that dancing helps decrease depression and stress as well as increase self-confidence. In a meta-analysis study, researchers were able to prove that dance is a beneficial mechanism for treating depression, stress and anxiety and is often recommended to many patients. When given the option of dance or meditation as a form of therapy, majority of the patients chose dance (Berkeley Wellness 2014). All in all, dance can provide many health benefits – psychological and physical. It is an activity that anyone can participate in and is fun to do.


4 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Dancing

  1. jnb5450

    I love dancing so your post caught my eye. I am not the best, but this makes me want to be the best! I never knew that dancing can improve and help your memory, that’s so interesting to me. It was fun to read about all of the advantages of dancing and how it can really improve your health and mood. Here is a really intriguing link that talks about how dancing makes you smarter (love it):

  2. Ryan Eric Freeman

    One of my good friends is a dancer and she loves it. She goes to school for dance and she says that it is the one thing she can do to relive stress, work out and have fun all in one. As you stated dancing can provide great stress but from this survey results show that dancing can help develop more self esteem and better coping skills along with health benefits.
    I am not a great dancer, I like to think I am but i’m not, do you think it can provide a way to learn communication skills as well? Being face and to face and interacting with someone close should involve some type of communication skill. Shouldn’t it?

  3. Brett Alan Merritt

    I have never been much of a dancer. I’m not really good at dancing if we’re being honest, but I do like to attempt the funny dances I see in Twitter videos. I agree that dancing helps decrease stress. Sometimes, I’ll just dance to make myself laugh when things are falling apart around me. I always though relieving stress through a dance was just a personal thing, but I am glad I’m not alone, and that it is proven to work.

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