Holy Grail: Coconut oil

Its all the rage. Everyone is talking about it for many reasons. Coconut oil is gods gift to earth. I am a firm believer in coconut oil. I use it for everything from cooking to using inside and outside of my body. I hopped on the coconut oil train about two years ago. It has honestly changed my life. I know I sound so stupid saying that but its true. Coconut oil has done miracles for me from, clearing up acne, whitening my teeth, ridding my body of toxins, cooking, and unsticking doors.


But if you don’t believe me check out this post about coconut oil yourself. The health benefits of coconut oil are amazing. It contains lauric acid which raises both HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, which can improve the cholesterol profiles. It is possible that the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can speed up metabolism and clear up acne. There is also a theory that coconut oil helps with Alzheimers disease.  Even though there hasn’t been any clinical trail and evidence that it helps it is said to have some impact. Hopefully they will look further into that. All in all coconut oil is an amazing product. Whatever you use it for always use it in moderation, you don’t want to over do it, things could get a little slippery!

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Coconut Oil

3 thoughts on “Holy Grail: Coconut oil

  1. Imaani Allen

    Hey I really enjoyed reading your article. My friends always talk about how great coconut oil is especially when it comes to cooking food. I read an article describing some the benifits that coconut oil has for the hair as well. I like that coconut oil can be used for almost anything. I hope that more people read this article and give it a try themselves.

    Link: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/oils/coconut-oil-for-hair.html

  2. Alex Felton

    This post really made me want to research coconut oil a little more. I stumbled upon some recent studies, the most eye-opening to me was that this stuff is actually linked to the treatment of Alzheimers. Even though this was only based on animal studies and anecdotal accounts I found this to be extremely interesting. Here is the link if you wanted to see more of what people are discovering about coconut oil:


  3. Elsa Breakey

    Coconut is also awesome for taking off makeup because its all natural and although greasy, super good for your skin. Also adding some on top of your popcorn with brown sugar is amazing. Homemade healthy kettle corn – must try. Coconut oil is beneficial and yummy, what more could you ask for? The article I’ve attached uses sea salt which also sounds amazing – going to try this weekend!


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