How can we fix global warming?

In recent years, everyone can feel that the temperature is rising. Even though some people will not admit it. But now it is a really important issue for us. And many countries leader are working hard to find a solution. For example, President Obama signed an agreement with China  in Paris which is about the decreasing the carbon emissions. But what are the exactly reasons caused the global warming and the question are how can we fix it?


First of all, the emission of carbon. The scientist find out it is the carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) caused the global warming. And all these carbon dioxide are comes from the the factory, oil or wood burning. So there are a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And most of temperatures we get are form sun. But after the carbon dioxide is up on the atmosphere, they absorb the heat from the sun too. So basically it heats up the earth for another time.

So most of all sources of carbon dioxide are comes from the burning fossil fuels or coal. Because these are the basic energy resource for energy to our home or to factories. So in order to fix the situations, we should use more efficient energy resources such as nuclear or the nature gas. Now most of the country are using the nature gas for energy, because it’s a clean energy, and it will only produce water after they are burning. So it is a good replaceable energy for fossil fuels. But the problem is that we do not have unlimited nature gas for us to use. So after we run out the nature gas, what should we do? Maybe the nuclear. Because nuclear is best energy source we can get to replace fossil fuels. Because the advantage of nuclear is we only need a little bit unclear materials and produce tremendous energy, and it is no pollution. But the only problem that nuclear has is the safety. If we controlled well, it is the best source. But if there is any accident, it will be a disaster. For example Chernobyl in Russia and Tohoku in Japan.

A radioactive sign hangs on barbed wire outside a café in Pripyat.

A radioactive sign hangs on barbed wire outside a café in Pripyat.

So for countries who produced most carbon dioxide such as China (3000 tonnes) and US (5800 tonnes) should have a more restrict regulation on those factories. And two countries need to work together to reduce the emission of carbon. For example, the agreement signed in Paris. And for us, we should do it from the small things, such as turn off the light while we are sleeping to save energy and recycle the thing we have used to reduce the landfill. Because we all share one planet.

3 thoughts on “How can we fix global warming?

  1. Zachariah Watkins

    The first question I always have for global warming is why do some people still refuse to believe that there is no global warming? Have we reached the point where our society places an emphasis on the fact that we are destroying the Earth so much yet we still accept the arguments of Politicians who have their own agendas in place rather than the scientist who have studied the effects over course of years. One thing I will say though like we discussed in class is that why there is no direct evidence that humans cause the Earth to heat up there is still STRONG inference that we have played a pivotal role in increasing the effects of things. Here is a decent article by people who also question why we still refuse to believe some stuff.

  2. Lucas Thomas Hansen

    Although, yes there are high amounts of carbon dioxide gasses released every year to support the idea of “global warming,” there is also compelling evidence opposing this idea. For instance in 2014 there was record sea ice reported by NASA, completely going against Al Gores idea, and the polar bear population is actually thriving. Another main point is that 31,000 scientists signed a petition proclaiming that global warming is a hoax. But anyways, great research i hope you enjoyed some feedback from the opposing view. Heres the link to my resources:

  3. Ryan Eric Freeman

    in my opinion we have done so much damage to our ozone and earth itself that I don’t feel that there is anyway we can fix global warming. Over last 50 years we have been polluting our water and air so much and we never thought to think twice about it until global warm became visible on a dramatic level. Earlier generations have done so much harm from transportation to industries and to this day we are adding “fuel to the fire” and I don’t believe it can be fix. There is a small probability that we can help reduce it but do you personally believe we can change it around or is global warming here to stay?

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