Is Climate Change Manmade?

Earlier this month I wrote a blog about cloud seeding in California. Climate change is a topic that is truly intriguing. Just like with many scientific topics, this one is very controversial. There are people who believe climate change is manmade and others who believe it is just the Earth continuing on in its course. In an article by Real Clear Science  they spoke of a poll that was taken in 2010. This poll that they referred to stated that out of the entire population that they sampled, 50% stated that in their opinion, climate change was manmade. 46% on the other hand stated that the climate change we see today is happening through natural causes. Therefore proving that through this survey, results are nearly split half ways on the topic. It is a controversial topic that even our presidential candidate’s have spoken about.



What is baffling, however is how nearly half of those people who part took in the pole did not seem to think climate change is manmade. Research has been done to analyze why we have seen such drastic changes and it all proves that we are affecting our climate.

The Real Clear Science article went as far as to state that the rise in temperatures that we have seen over the past few years is proof enough to show that the climate change is due to human activity on this planet. This however is not proof enough in and of itself. Human activity may be a correlating factor between two other variables but not a leading causing factor.

According to NASA  ,97% of climate scientists who have published peer reviewed journals truly believe that human activity is to blame for the drastic change in climate that we have seen in the past century. If scientists, being people who base their lives around studies and findings like this about our world believe that we as humans are causing this change, then why does it continue to worsen? By altering some aspects of our climate, like cloud-seeding, in order to provide rain in California, we must be harming another part of our self sustaining world.

We as humans affect the world around us just as the world around us affects each and every one of us. Climate change can be in part due to human activity but it can also be due to other correlating factors. We are very influential on the world around us. It is all linked in some way or another. For example according to the National Geographic article the ozone layer depletion is causing the earth to heat up more but the ozone layer is depleting because of the human activity and the harmful chemicals we are putting into our atmosphere.

All in all I would say that despite this being a controversial topic that some people choose not to believe in, the science speaks for itself and it seems very probable that we as a society are partly responsible for climate change.

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