Is Coffee Good or Bad for us?

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved drinking coffee. When I was young, I was told to avoid coffee because it would stunt my growth. In high school, I would drink it almost every morning to help me get through my long day and school after having to wake up at 6:00 in the morning. Now being a college student, I drink coffee two times a day (most days). My dad is really into health and researching what food/ drinks are good for your body and what’s bad for your body. He would always go back and forth whether or not I should drink it all the time. This has always interested me so I’ve decided to research: is coffee good or bad for me? (Hoping it’s good.)


This website has led me to find that there are both advantages and disadvantages to coffee affecting our bodies. One of the advantages is that coffee can protect and save our brain. Since we are taking in a lot of caffeine, the high caffeine level in our bloodstream can lower our risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease while also lowering the risk of us getting dementia. Caffeine can also assist our fat cells break down body fat. It breaks down fat and allows us to use this as energy for exercise. Of course, if you add cream and sugar into the black coffee, this will ruin the purpose. But, if you drink black coffee before a workout, it is said that you can increase your physical performance by 11-12%. Since caffeine increases our adrenaline, this will prepare us for a nice, awakened and refreshed day. This study also says that drinking coffee, anywhere from 1 to 6 cups per day, can help us focus and increase our concentration throughout the day. A very important advantage is that coffee brightens our mood. This helps people fight off depression which lowers the likeliness of suicide in some. A few other pro’s about coffee is that it reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease, reduces the risk of cancer and reduces the risk of a stroke. This website then mentions a few disadvantages of coffee on our body. It mentions how it can cause insomnia. This means that you will not be able to sleep and this is not healthy on your body. It can also be toxic to some consumers.

People change their mind all the time, whether or not coffee is good or bad for us. After reading this study, I believe there are far more advantages that coffee has on our body. I’m going to stick to my daily intake of this delicious caffeinated beverage.



3 thoughts on “Is Coffee Good or Bad for us?

  1. Nathan Andrew Morningstar

    This one really has “me” written all over it , since I normally drink about 4-5 cups of coffee a day. It’s good to see that there are benefits to drink coffee besides the added energy from the caffeine. One question that comes to mind is what kind of coffee did they conduct these tests with. SInce there are wide variety of beans used to make different types of coffee, as well as different roasts the these beans undergo, I wonder as to how this can affect the data in any way?

  2. Annalise Marie Pilitowski

    Scrolling through all of these blogs, I honestly got a little scared reading the title of this post. The reason is because I have always been an avid coffee drinker. I drink coffee everyday, although it is not always necessarily in the morning because I need it to wake me up. Most of the time I just get it when I have the chance, whereas most of my friends can’t even function in the morning without first having coffee. I have definitely always been the one to go to a coffee shop rather than make my own coffee because I can never get it to taste right. I just always hope that coffee does more damage to my bank account rather then my body, and these 13 health benefits help justify this.

  3. Catherine Drinker

    I love this article because it’s something I can relate to! I have two cups a day as well and have heard the same thing about coffee. There are a lot of foods that have been going back and forth when it comes to if they are healthy or unhealthy, such as eggs.

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