Is College Really Worth the Money? (I Really Hope So…)

We were taught in grade school that to further our education and professional career you should graduate high school and go to college.  Back then, there was only positive attributes that college would provide. It can provide you with further education, independence, networking and communication skill and much more. No one ever stated the negative factors pertaining to college. Especially the money aspect of it all! If I was told I was that it I would be in extreme debt before I decided i wanted to go to college, i would of reevaluated the pros and cons a few more times. Do not get me wrong, we have all mad a great choice to come to college but is the amount of money we spend at college really worth it?

According to a study of surveys conducted on a very large sample of individuals via phone and or online. The results from the surveys are very remarkable. Over half of the Americans that took the survey stated that school did not provide enough experiences and knowledge that was worth the amount of money need to put in. The study also states that having a degree or no does not have a very large different in annual earnings which really bring the question.. is it really worth it?

Of course individuals taking surveys can say and have their own opinion but overall I stand that college is 100 percent worth the time and money. I fight this argument with both opinions and facts. In most professional jobs, they require their employees to have a college degree. It is also know that having a degree does indeed get you better jobs which include a higher salary.  College is also a place where you can truly find out who you are and what are best at. On top of that, it is a location that provides a location where you can learn new information and practice new skills that will be beneficial in a our future careers. Yes, college is expensive, especially for an out of state student, but college can provide you with opportunities and experience no amount of money can buy.

This debate can be seen today and will still be debatable in the future too. College does indeed take a very large amount of money and loans but it is completely worth it. College is not only about the education it is about the opportunities and the networking that can be done. It provides a scene of determination and the feeling of success. Do you think your college career is worth it?


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4 thoughts on “Is College Really Worth the Money? (I Really Hope So…)

  1. Cole Donald Rogers

    In my opinion I believe that college is so much more than just the aspect of money in the present and money in the future. I do not think dictating whether or not you should go to college just by how much money you will be earning at the end of the day is being rational. This is why many students have majors that are proven not to have high salaries but students still choose them because of their personal value. College teaches us so many priceless aspects of life outside of the classroom that would never be achieved had you taken another route. Looking at this topic through only money is like looking through it with blinders it is just a too simplistic way of judgement. In conclusion I think this is more of an opinion based question as it pertains to more of personal benefits and opinions, what you take away from college more or less will be different than someone who may even be taking the exact same classes as you. So because I think college is very valuable here is an article that gives a few reasons to going along with that thought:
    Debating a diploma? 10 Reasons to attend college

    1. Stephanie Keyaka

      Hi Ryan,

      I agree with Cole. Personally speaking my parents always stressed majoring/getting a degree in something that I could make a good life out of (meaning money). I however, am a huge believer in “chase your dreams and the money will follow.” And college, for me, is the only way I can attain these career aspirations of mine. This topic is somewhat relevant to the “degree vs. passport” debate that was happening on twitter some odd weeks ago. A brief synopsis of it is: there was a debate about which was more valuable; getting a diploma or actual real life experience via travel (passport). Now I don’t think earning a degree or attending college is a compulsory action in order for one to be successful but I do believe that there is great/unmatched value to be found in the experience and lessons learned in college, both in an outside the classroom. So to simplify college as “just 4 years wasted trapped inside an academic institution suffering from student loans when you could’ve been out in the ‘real world’ living life” is quite wrong. One not need to sacrifice real world living and practice to get the knowledge provided by higher education institutions. But that’s just my two cents. Great Blog!

  2. Zachariah Watkins

    I believe right now that the certain degree type you get has a large deciding factor on what you are making in your life. Usually engineers and people who pursue those types of degrees are making more money than people who pick up a philosophy degree or even a History degree like myself. However I do believe that college is a privilege that many people cannot afford so if you do come to college you should make the most of it and try and enhance your education process and even enhance your general understanding of the world. Which leads into the argument of do you think General Education credits are needed or do you believe that simply we should come to college get our degree while only taking major specific classes and get out?

  3. Brett Alan Merritt

    I have heard multiple times that obtaining a bachelor’s degree will earn you over $1 million more in your lifetime than someone who doesn’t have a degree. This statistic alone makes college worth the money because you may pay over $100,000 but you’re getting over $1,000,000 back over time. How do you feel about some people wanting the government to provide free college?

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