Is energy drink bad for us??

As a college student, we are under a lot of stress and pressure. So sometimes if we have an exam of some major assignment, we tend to have only a little sleep. And in order to go to class next day or go take the exam, many students will choose to drink the energy drink. So now energy drink is really popular on the campus when it’s the time for the midterm or the finals. But will these energy drinks harm our healthy?

According to research; the energy drinks is bad for our heart. A study found that after we drank the energy drink, our blood pressure is going to go up 6.2 percent. And increasing the blood pressure can lead us to heart disease, and sometimes might cause a person have a stroke. But many people will probably say that there are a lot of variables can cause the high blood pressure and cause the heart disease and stroke, so why it would be the energy drink is bad? But by looking at the experiment in the study, we found out that by only drank one energy drink could rise up 6 percent of blood pressure, so it means energy drink could raise our blood pressure a lot in order to give us energy.  Even though it can give us energy, but it is bad for our heath. But there are might be some flaws in this experiment because we only have a person in this experiment, so this small variable can not reflect the whole community. Correlation does not equal causation.

Second; because of energy drinks such as “red Bull’ and “5-hour energy” contains so much active ingredients taurine and ginseng, it can make people gain a lot of energy in a short time. So sometimes it is still questionable whether human’s brain can take all those energies. And in these energy drinks also contains a lot of vitamin B. So the National institutes of Health suggests that people does not need that much of Vitamin B, and if it is too much, the body will digest it through urine. But if a person has too much Vitamin B, t could affect our healthy too. But the good thing is, we will not reach that number after we drank 50 bottles of energy drink per day.

Third; the most important ingredients in the energy drink are caffeine. Because that is the substances  give people most of the energy. But we all knows, if we use too much of caffeine product, it will have some dependency on some people. So the outcome is if that person does have consumed caffeine product, they will feel really tired and will not focus on what’s they’re doing.

With these all bad effects that energy drink could do to us, we probably should stop drinks it or start to drink less. Because there are some other things can help us keep focused such as tea or wash our face with cold waters.

3 thoughts on “Is energy drink bad for us??

  1. jnb5450

    I agree with your conclusion, that people should not consume too many energy drinks because it can be harmful if you drink too many. Energy drinks do contain a large amount of caffeine in such a small amount of liquid which is a high ratio of energy to drink. This can lead to many bad things for your body. Here are some perks of caffeine: maybe people should resort to a cup of coffee or tea per day.

  2. ana5383

    I’m not much of an energy drinker, I resort more to coffee when I’m feeling tired and still have a ton of work to get done, but a few of my close friends are. My one best friend feels the need to have an energy drink in her hand at all times, which I know is so unhealthy for her. However, many people are aware of the bad health effects energy drinks have on our bodies, yet still continue to drink them. Why? The link below explains why people buy energy drinks so often!

  3. Cole Donald Rogers

    I am one who has fell into the trap of consuming a lot of energy drinks and sometimes even feeling dependent of them. I feel as though this happened to me the same reason it does to others, the drinks work. Although the health risks are out there, just as this blog describes, we still consume them because they will get you the energy they are supposed to. Now do I agree you should have energy all the time to stay active, absolutely not. In my opinion there are many other healthier alternatives as sources of energy. Here is a really small mens fitness blog that provides 10 different and health sources of energy:
    Top 10 Health Foods for Boosting Energy:

    Have you felt compelled to always have an energy drink when you do not feel energetic?

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