Many benefits of music

Music is something that everyone has in common, whether you play in installment or listen to music like its your religion. Music has a big impact on our lives. In this article┬áit gives you many different reasons why playing an instrument can impact your life. I think the number one benefit of playing an instrument is that it increasing the capacity of your brain. I totally agree with that, just from observing throughout my high school the kids that played an instrument mainly had more knowledge and better grades than the kids that didn’t play instruments.

Some of the benefits include increased responsibility, boosting them skills, expansion to cultural history, promotes social skills, relives stress and the list goes on and on.

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Playing an instrument has so many benefits that its hard to see a reason why not to play one. Obviously now in our lives its harder to pick up and instrument and learn it but think out all the benefits that it could have on your children some day.

7 thoughts on “Many benefits of music

  1. ana5383

    I can definitely relate to this article because I have been surrounded by music and the arts my entire life! My highschool was solely a music school, much like you would picture high school musical…people signing in the hallways, people always practicing something new in the theater, etc. In all honestly, I received so much joy from being around music so often, because it is just so uplifting and pleasant. Overall, I enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. Sarah Toyos Post author

      I am always listening to music, wether I’m doing homework, trying to sleep or just chilling. It puts you in such a good mood and defiantly helps you focus. I started playing an instrument in elementary school and it defiant shaped me into the person I am today.

  2. Casey Patrick Brennan

    This post was very interesting. Musical people, from my experiences, are usually very bright and intelligent. In regards to your blog you may want to pose a question and then answer it through different experiments and articles. If you asked, “Are musical people smarter?” and then answered the question incorporating techniques from class, it could enhance your blog post.

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